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Well, that was a sucky birthday.

Accidentally slept through my first class, projects are crashing on my head, this is the first time I've been away from home on it so there was no one to wish me happy birthday or otherwise take notice of it (except from Facebook and several of you very nice people on LJ) , and I still have to finish my take-home exam.  I think I will make the day better by amusing myself with a poll.  This question has been at the back of my mind for a while now, and while it's by no means a complete list, these seem like popular subjects of debate.  So I'm curious: in your experience...

Which pairing has inspired the most rabid fandom division?

Mulder/Scully vs. NoRomos (remember those days?)
Grissom/Sara (CSI)
Danny/Lindsay (CSI: NY)
Jate vs. Skate (Lost)
Remus/Tonks (Harry Potter)
Hermione/(Harry) vs. (Ron)
Derek/Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)
Gizzie (Grey's Anatomy)

Hang on a sec, I think I need to stuff more into this post.

How I Met Your Mother: 3x13, "Ten Sessions"

I was really quite frustrated when Alicia Silverstone quit her role over Britney Spears.  Not because I especially like or dislike Miss Silverstone (Mom: "Is she that girl who posed naked for PETA?"), although I have to admit I wasn't all that excited to see a big guest star at first, but because she was replaced by Sarah Chalke, and...no.  The girl from Scrubs does not need to be crossing sitcoms and playing a doctor on my show.  In fact, it was only in hearing about this that I realize I really, vehemently dislike Elliot!  Crazy!  I always thought I liked her, or at least found her funny, and probably shipped her with J.D. if that's the way canon was going to go.  And then I thought about her, or at least the actress who plays her, popping over to HIMYM, and was promptly consumed by this fireball of rage.

Was it as bad as I thought it would be?  No, not exactly, but I would rather have seen Alicia in the role.  I was not overly enthused by either the performance or the character, but then again, maybe I was distracted by Britney.

I was similarly horrified by the casting of Britney Spears, just because...everyone needs to forget her.  Fame has done nothing but destroyed her - I always thought she would actually have grown into a fairly nice, functional, and possibly not even super-slutty human being if she just hadn't been discovered.  I loathed her with every fiber of my being in her heyday, and then she married K-Fed and her life became a long downward spiral, culminating in me just feeling incredibly sorry for her.  I still think that her problems would best be solved by getting out of the public eye forever.  Ergo, she needed anything BUT a platform to make a "comeback."

Was SHE as bad as I thought she would be?  Again, er, not really...I was busy gaping at how unrecognizable she was.  In real life she's aged to the point where she looks like she's in her mid 30's.  In this role, it was like they'd somehow reached back into 1999 and pulled out "Hit Me..." Britney.  She didn't look a day over 19.  Oh, and as for her actual role!  Um...rather useless; annoying and not funny, and there was really weird juxaposition between her clueless/innocent side that we saw through most of the episode and her "Sex with random strangers, yay!" side that they played up in the previews even though it was only tacked onto the end.  I don't know which one was supposed to be her.  On the bright side, at least she looked amazing!

ACTUAL EPISODE DISCUSSION: to be performed in five ten points.
1. Plan 9 from Outer Space!  I get giddy with X-Files nostalgia every time someone mentions it.  "This movie is so profoundly bad, in such a child-like way, that it hypnotizes my conscious, critical mind and frees up my right brain to make a sociopoetic leap."

2. "'No.'  Hmmm.  What could she mean when she says 'no'?  I don't know.  It is totally cryptic."  HEE.  I don't often say this, but Robin FTW.  Best line of the entire episode.

3. Ennnnnh, I am getting weird, awful, horrible, unshakeable Barney/Robin vibes!  All the time now!  Every time they share the same side of the booth or respond to one another in conversation or LOOK at each other, I am convinced TPTB have this grand secret plan to unveil how Barney and Robin have secretly been sleeping together on the sly for weeks.  (well, in my defense, Robin and Ted broke up behind the scenes for like a month)  It's making me twitchy and uncomfortable.  Make it stop! This is not the natural way of things!  DO NOT WANT!

4. Although I did really enjoy the whole fireball at the table, followed by everyone (including Wendy the Waitress) yelling at him and banishing him to the next booth...and I giggled the whole way, and an uncomfortably surprised/hopeful look when inuing the conversation from afar, even when it included an overt reference to the fact that Barney has spent considerable time bugging her to sleep with him.  *scrubs brain*

5. I did, at least, like the structure of the episode, covering ten weeks' worth of stuff that had been happening behind the scenes.  I like when they condense background developments that way.

6. And despite the considerable time I spent whining about "Stella" (*snort* No, I'm sorry, there is just no way I can believe that woman is named Stella.  It's completely ludicrous; doesn't fit her at all.  I'd as soon believe she was a LaKisha), I have to admit that the jokes in all the sessions were hysterical, I laughed my way through them.  Snappy writing.  Ted screaming like a woman might have helped.

7. Was Barney's bet that he could get Ted to grow a mustache actually from a previous episode in the series?  Because if so, LONGTERM CALLBACK FOR THE WIN!  *Loved* the hysterical laughter from both Stella and Barney.

8.  "CAN YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR OTHER PATIENTS?!  I'M DYING HERE, WOMAN!" Oh, Marshall.  I love you so much.  So much.

9. I liked the 2-minute date, mostly just for its surreal choreography.  Wasn't nearly as much fun as the rest of the episode, but was entertaining enough the first time around.  Actually, I keep going back and forth depending on reviews I read.  When people say it was stupid and unrealistic, I want to defend it.  However, when people say it was heartwarming and really sweet and/or made the entire episode, I arch a disdainful eyebrow and want to say that it was just bland and barely worthy of commentary (mostly because...it's Ted.  Ted is boring.  UNLESS YOU THINK HE'S AWFUL, in which case I think he's funny.  Whatever is most contrary, basically.)

10. Overall...good episode, I suppose. 

American Idol Results: Running Commentary

-This thing where the contestants line up on stage is weird.  It's like they're waiting to be shot.  Come to think of it, that's what I'd like to do to Ramiele after hearing Ryan actually utter her fucking "Oh lo" saying.  God, is it her night to go yet?

-I choose to believe that record number of votes came in from people pissed that Amanda got voted out because they didn't do their fair share of number-dialing.  Let's pretend they saved Carly this week.

-I was mildly entertained by the group sing until I realized that they were running around acting like goofy, giddy IDIOTS, and then I burst into flames from embarrasment for them.  God, why would you make people do that?  Why?  On the other hand, I really loved Kristy's outfit, as I always do (seriously...I just see her and squeal happily), and then Syesha shocked and impressed me with her standout notes.  I just realized why I don't hate her, even though I feel like I should - I keep thinking her voice is going to break out like Melinda, and it's not.  She's like Tracie Thoms in Rent.  I loved Tracie Thoms. 

-Oh, gross, American Idol now has commercials specifically for Idol Gives Back.  WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY UTTER CONTEMPT AND LOATHING FOR THIS NAUSEATING GAG FEST.

-It pains me that they have this extended segment devoted to pimping iTunes.  You know, they'd HAD studio performances for sale before.  When they were sold through NORMAL VENUES that did not require you to install or open a separate program for shopping, and which played on Windows Media Player.  I bought one last year (Jordin Sparks, "Hey Baby," but it disappeared when my MP3 player died and I cannot find it on either of my computers.  Sadface.).  iTunes is horrible, and even now that I have a shiny .m4a converter program that might clean up the tracks, and I do in fact have iTunes installed for purposes of playing a few of season 4 CSI: Miami episodes I caved and bought that year, it's the principle of the thing.  

-That being said, I'm so in love with Carly Smithson's version of "Blackbird" that I am sorely, sorely tempted to break all my rules and buy it.  I've become completely obsessed with that song over the past week; I already have the Across the Universe track and her live performance of it, but I think her studio version would be the greatest of all.  Also, in utter shame, I must confess that as I listened to some random clip of David Archuleta doing vocals, I thought "Hey, this song is pretty great; when did he sing this?!  I think I want it!" and it turned out to be...the one from last night.  *facepalm*

-I swear, I meant to pay attention tonight, but then suddenly I lost track and when I looked up Carly was saying "I'm not pregnant" and Paula was claiming Simon wore pantyhose.  Am I on an acid trip?  Hey, maybe there's something to be said for not paying attention...random stuff seems funnier.

-Flying tackle hug!  LOL.  Was that just a hug of convenience because they were the only ones on the couches, or is Carly friends with Brooke?  Because if she's friends with Brooke, I'll like Brooke better.  I'm going to pretend they are, despite being total opposites.  They can be like ponies - Sunshine and Darkling.  
V: You know, I think you are on an acid trip. 
RS: And here the dentist told me all the acid in diet soda was bad!

-Oh, what a cute music videos - contestant singing from images in magazines, CD covers, the backs of shirts, etc.  I feel like I'm strolling through the wizarding world or something. 

-It amuses me muchly that Syesha is trampling over Ryan's pre-written commentary by flashing a beaming smile as she sits on the Stools of Potential Elimination Doom.

-The audience questions were so horrible tonight that I had to actually flip channels back and forth to escape some of the mortification.  Why would you ask someone if they're single?  You don't know these people!  Seeing them on TV does not equal knowing them!  And what the hell was that second question, aimed at poor Archuleta?  Even setting aside his gritted teeth (you could just see him thinking I've already explained this three times!), it basically amounted to "WHY DID YOU CHOOSE A SONG I'VE NEVER HEARD OF?!  OMG HOW DARE YOU STOOPID!"  

-Ryan?  What was that flirting question you avoided in #7?  Was it about you and Simon?  I want this question asked!  Anyway.   The question of "how can I get Ryan's job?" pained me so I had to channel switch and stay there for a few minutes.  I think I might have missed a Rymon exchange in there.

-On the bright side, I think that was genuine laughter in response to Simon's explanation of whether or not he thinks he's the most attractive person on the show.  "It's not what I say, it's what other people say."

-Kimberly Locke!  She was my favorite in season 2, but then she disappeared upon elimination and I never saw or heard from her until just now.  Ooh, I love these clips from season 2 (a/k/a "the last one I watched religiously until season 6").  Simon wasn't nearly so cyncial.  And eeeh!  Clay Aiken, in the (disappointingly temporary) cute stage from between his Ugly Toad and Creepy Diva stages!

-Didn't love her song.  Didn't hate it, but was bored, and it makes me think that maybe even back in season 2 I only loved people for their looks and personality.  However, speaking of looks, that 19th century look of boobs stuffed into a dress with a tight bodice?  Fail.  Anyway, strapless dresses don't look good on anyone, but they look worse on people with BMIs above 22.  

-I still hate Idol Gives Back.  I loathe it with a fiery burning passion and want it to burn.  Stop promoting it before my hatred extends to the people supposedly being helped by it, and I start despising homeless children and dying Africans.  I AM GETTING REALLY DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO THAT POINT.

-I am not okay with Jason Castro being in the bottom 3.  It's not fair!  I never actually told anyone that as of last week he was officially my second favorite!  That should render the jinx null and void!  Thank God he didn't get voted out.  I wasn't especially happy about Syesha, either, so again, thank God I had Chikezie to deflect my ill thoughts towards.  I wasn't even moved when he kissed her cheek, and normally I am all over gestures of affection like that.    

-I spent about a solid minute flailing in fear, and almost twitched out of my chair in sick anticipation when Ryan said "Syesha..." you are going home, oh God, not fair, not fair, not fair, I like her, he sucks, go away --
"You are safe." 
"YEE-HAW!"  I quite seriously yelled that out loud in disbelief and delight.  Mom'll be disappointed, but I am ECSTATIC.  I wanted him gone at Top 20.  So Kristy Lee is safe, and Syesha's safe, and Snorefest Chikezie is outta here, and I really think that next week might be glorious!  Now we just have to rub out Ramiele and Porky Pig*, and I can stop suffering when I watch this show.  Or at least suffer significantly less.

* = what is this new "OMG he is totally going to win it all" wave going around?!  Damn you for endorsing that idea, Simon! That would be nothing short of utterly horrible!  An unconscionable atrocity!  Such a freak.  I thought Taylor Hicks represented the lowest possible level this show could stoop to - hell, I am still mind-boggled, TAYLOR HICKS?! - but I think David Cook might give him a run for his money.  I am just, I am going to have to cling to the small shred of optimistic hope in the memory that freaky-looking Chris Daughtry didn't win either. 


( 19 comments — Leave a comment )
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
Ah, geez. I didn't realize it was your birthday because livejournal refuses to update me about these things and I can't check it at work so Happy Birthday!

That was a tough choice but H/Hr vs. H/R will always be the biggest pile of crazy to ever crazy. I only played in the shallow end of Harry Potter fandom and I still know that the H/Hr vs. H/R ship wars are legendary. They hit the mainstream media for pete's sake.

I think Grey's Anatomy fandom is too lazy on a whole to really take up the crazy mantle that could create true fandom division. People hate Gizzie, people like Gizzie. The people who like Gizzie generally ignore the people who don't. And almost every body hates MerDer now.
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
Grey's Anatomy fandom, lazy? With all those people in it? I don't know, the giant backlash of Gizzie hate when it first appeared on the horizon was legitimately frightening. Its heyday was brief but intense.

As for MerDer, public sentiment seems to take regular turns between loving and loathing whenever the status of their relationship changes. You still have people writing furious, apostrophic letters at Shonda demanding that she stop screwing around with them because it's stupid to pretend they'll ever love anyone else...but then you also have people going on and on about how this trainwreck of an occasionally emotionally abusive relationship is the worst thing ever to happen to TV. Throw in the history of the mistress vs. wife wars, and you've got a good mix for Fandom Crazy.

On H/Hr vs. R/H: wait, the mainstream media? How so? I think I must have avoided the worst of the HP triangle wars, because I never really saw it as more than a vaguely amusing debate - one which was inevitable any time you had a trio of friends not all of the same sex, but one which hardly seemed worth getting invested in until you knew which way the author was going to roll the dice. Especially given that they were, you know, kids.
Mar. 28th, 2008 04:01 am (UTC)
Well maybe it's my portion of Grey's fandom that's lazy, but I guess I mean lazy in that it doesn't make fandomwank or other such blogs as often as other fandoms. I don't come across people composing long rants about the ships and the racism/sexism/whateverism inherent to the show.

I can't remember what I was reading, I think it was an article about the upcoming movie, but the author mentioned how Harry Potter fans were still reeling from the debates. And by mainstream media I mean not just an internet famous blog. And of course, people asked JKR about it all the time and she infamously made that comment that sparked even more wars.
Mar. 28th, 2008 04:08 am (UTC)
Oh man, now I want to compose a long rant about the ships and inherent sexism in this show! Except it would probably just spiral downward into a Capslock of Rage whinefest about how McSleazy isn't hot.

I feel especially ignorant all of a sudden, possibly because I hardly ever read interviews, but what was Rowling's infamous comment? I'm drawing a blank.
Mar. 28th, 2008 04:19 am (UTC)
McSleazy. Heh. Frankly, Shonda has so destroyed almost every character on that show to the point that I don't like any of them anymore. Even Bailey.

In some interview she was asked what she thought about Harry/Hermione and she said something like "really? I thought it was pretty obvious that it was Ron/Hermione" which, honestly, it was, but the H/Hr fans did not want to hear that. There were rants and people threatening JKR and saying she didn't know what she was talking about even though she was the author.
Mar. 28th, 2008 05:01 am (UTC)
Heeheehee! I've never heard that, but the reaction sounds hysterical. Crazy fans are my favorites. Provided I can admire them from far away, and possibly with a lot of time separating us.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 28th, 2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
Really, she said "delusional"?? HEE. HEE. HEE. Ah, J.K. Rowling, eternal heroine of my heart.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 29th, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
Well, maybe Ron just grows into a very immature adult and gets fired from all his jobs after a few months. :P Rowling's interviews, though, do increasingly seem to bring to mind the word "unraveling," in the manner of a loose thread.
Mar. 28th, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
Oh I don't know that I knew about the "delusional" comment. Or if I did I forgot about it. It sounds like it could've been the same interview though. Oh. I found it! JKR herself didn't call H/Hr shippers delusional, it was the interviewer, she just laughed and then said that she felt she'd dropped huge hints in all the books.

JKR just never took to heart the golden rule: all shippers are crazy, they just have varying degrees of crazy and, unfortunately, Harmonians are some of the craziest.
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
I completely forgot to wish you a happy birthday in the last post! Oh dear. Hope it's okay that I make those wishes now, almost at the end of the day...

...Well, have a happy next-year-of-your-life, at any rate!
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
...and I completely forgot about the poll. I'm not doing so great with the thinking today.

Anyway, not being privy to the fandom divisions wrought by Mulder/Scully, I'd have to go with Harry/Hermione vs. Ron/Hermione, since the Batshit Crazy brought on by Deathly Hallows still hasn't gone away entirely. I haven't seen fallout that epic in any other fandom, not yet at any rate.
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
Oh, God, Mulder/Scully was fun. And, okay, I say that somewhat devoid of authority since I didn't jump into the fray until the beginning of season 8, and in the wake of Scully's pregnancy, the argument against their romantic involvement was fast unraveling, but...I saw traces of the old days, read up on old articles and talked to people (combined with my faint knowledge of public sentiment from having been a casual viewer for several years beforehand) to know that it was quite a raging debate. On the one hand, you had the "soulmates = inevitable relationship," people, who eventually won, while on the other side you had the people swearing it would ruin everything, including Chief NoRomo himself, otherwise known as the show's creator, swearing up and down the block that he never intended them to be romantically involved.

Eesh, that was a long paragraph. And, well, clearly the HP Triangle War is going to win this poll, which I find amusing since out of all these choices it's probably the one I've participated in least. In all the other options, I've read comments and articles and diatribes railing against my view that have made me want to curl up and cry, but even the most vicious anti-Ron/Hermione rant hardly makes me bat an eyelash.
Mar. 28th, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
including Chief NoRomo himself, otherwise known as the show's creator, swearing up and down the block that he never intended them to be romantically involved.

See, even though from what I know of X-Files I kind of ship them, the fact that the creator of the show didn't even mean for it to happen just makes me even happier. Oh, showrunners. Don't you know that all bets are off in fandom?

Is X-Files up on That Online TV Show Site? I totally need another new fandom, yes I do. Not that I'm already juggling four or anything. *is curious*

I never much participated in the HP Fandom at all, especially not the Triangle Wars, since I wasn't much bothered with who got together with whom. But the fandom explosion over those three was just so huge. It might just be that the fandom's massive; I'm sure other fandoms have rabid shippers writing angry letters about being 'oppressed' to the author of the source material and talking about their ship the way some people talk about their religion, but there was almost no way to get away from these shipwars, even if you weren't really in the fandom at all.

Plus, I've seen a whole lot more (GSR/DL/Gizzie/etc) shippers and anti-shippers who aren't psychos. XD
Mar. 28th, 2008 02:56 pm (UTC)
Is X-Files up on That Online TV Show Site? I totally need another new fandom, yes I do.
Yes! Yes it is! Only seasons 1 and 6 in their entirety, apparently, with scattershot episodes from other years, but first seasons are good places to start anyway. (Although honestly, I watched it in one of the most fragmented manners possible and I came out all right) Because you most certainly DO need a new fandom, if it's as excellent and classic as this one. How much X-Files have you watched, exactly? It's sort of a new phenomenon for me to find someone who doesn't have a solid fandom background in it.

Oh, hee, shipping as a religion...sadly, that's an accurate observation. I still say Talk CSI is a prime example of rabid shipwars, though, particularly the NY section.
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)
I think my total episode count for X-Files stands at three. *grins sheepishly* Mostly, I know about it from the references that other people make to it - the Mulder/Scully UST, "I Want To Believe" Mulder vs. skeptical Scully, Cigarette-Smoking Man, Mulder's sunflower seeds...that's pretty much what I've picked up. Oh, and there was a spinoff called The Lone Gunmen? I think?

I kept meaning to get into The X-Files, really I did, for precisely the reason you mentioned: It seemed like such a baseline for fandom, expecially sci-fi fandom, that I figured I should know about it.

Ugh. That's why I stay away from Talk CSI. :P Actually, I'm probably not the best person to ask about what fandom's generated more wank, since I rarely visit forums and tend to bury myself in a peaceful and happy corner of fandom that shipwar-free. I just thought of R/Hr vs H/Hr because even I couldn't avoid that - even the mainstream media started noticing the Epic Wank.
Mar. 29th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
Eeeehh, you really ARE a newcomer! I am dizzy with the prospect of someone seeing all the classic episodes for the first time.

Yes, there was a spinoff featuring the three recurring characters - it didn't come until near the end of the original series and only lasted a few months before getting canceled, but I loved it (as anyone who loves the Gunmen should - plus, Zuleikah Robinson), and it ties back into X-Files in the original show's last season.

I am bubbling over with what some (like my mother) would call useless knowledge, and will happily answer any other questions you have in the future.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 28th, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
"Characters"? What are these individual "characters" of which you speak?

And one of those better be either H/G (with automatic OBHWF R/Hr) or H/Hr.
*sheepishly raises hand to the first one, condition included* I mean, it does make the reading more enjoyable when you agree with the author. Or let her convince you that you should agree with her. I'm never quite sure which one it is.
Mar. 28th, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)
Remus/Tonks causing fandom division? I guess it didn't sit well with Remus/Sirius fans but I think the greatest fandom divisions have to happen because the shippers truly believe their ship was/is possible (and surely most slash fans know that their ship's never going to happen.)

Okay so I can understand why people may dislike Derek/Meredith now but if you started watching from the beginning then surely you had to like them together for at least the first season or so because of the way it was presented (unless you shipped George/Meredith I guess ....)

As to the Danny/Lindsay well that's mainly because the other side participate in some intense character bashing rather than wanting to see the characters with other people (Danny/Flack? See previous point about slash fans).
Mar. 29th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was thinking mostly of the R/T vs. R/S battles, but dear God, some people (on the other side, obviously) got MEAN. I never got burned by the Trio wars, but I'd come across long diatribes about how obviously Lupin was only with Tonks out of grief after Sirius, and by the end of one I'd be overwhelmed with despair.

And I probably got more of it because I entrenched myself in the R/T section of fandom, thereby getting the illusion that they were much more central characters than they were, but I've even had real-life friends, who had nothing to do with online fandom, complaining about how Remus & Tonks' marriage came out of nowhere and didn't make any sense/was the dumbest plotline in book 7.
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