RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Numb3rs Ew

It was unpleasant, to say the least.

"And what the - OH!  Oh my God!  My eyes!  Ew!  Barf!  THIS IS NOT A VALID REASON TO SEE SHIRTLESS DON!"  I have never actually wanted to throw up while watching a crime show before.  Okay.  Maybe a few times, but not for this reason.  Ewwwww the music is all nightclubby and porny...(I assume)...and it's all gross...and they're both ACKNOWLEDGING THAT DON IS CHEATING AND NOBODY CARES...and I just realized why I don't like the former student.  She looks (and acts and sounds) a lot like as Rebecca Nevins, and...ew. 

So far, I've been unable to make it past the teaser.  And I'm watching it online, so I can't skip ahead.  Crap, I just closed the window too.  Now it will START ALL OVER.  NOOO!  Liz Warner is a name I now officially HATE. 

While I'm waiting on that, let me tell you about Without a Trace.  It took me three separate stints of watching to get through it, but I did.  Jack was dirty and sweaty and bloody at the end.  So gross.  Horatio can stab people and still look immaculate.   As for the case, I was distracted by the missing guy being Eriq La Salle.  Dr. Benton is very recognizable.

Oh.  Hold on.  Back to Numb3rs, The phone finally stopped the barf-fest.  Thank God those agents are always on call.  :D

*watches episode, unimpressed* Robin dumped HIM.  I get it.  Okay.  I could probably learn to like Liz, then.  I can ship that.  Let me just turn my ire on the writers for
breaking him up with Robin.
Tags: numb3rs, without a trace

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