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So, I may have been ferreting out spoilers for series 4, and I may have wound up on message boards clicking through pictures, and I may have been as vaguely unimpressed by them all as I was with the new season trailer, one particular shot of the Doctor's face (which will probably disappoint me in context) not withstanding, and then...THEN I SAW THIS PICTURE.

OKAY, now I absolutely do not care what you do to Rose, just give me this scene and I'll throw parties in your honor. *has a glee fit*

Also, in a completely unrelated note - there were rumors of questionable validity that one of the Companions was going to die in the end, and while even if that's true, I'm 99% sure it wuoldn't be Rose, um...I kind of want it to be.


I'm going to be running down deranged paths of AU anyway, since this show refuses to die with dignity, otherwise defined as "quitting when Tennant does." (I refuse to accept any such thing as an Eleventh Doctor. Perfection has been achieved in this incarnation, and thus Ten will remain The Doctor for the rest of my lifetime) My brain is firmly fixed on the notion that someday, preferably in the not-too-distant future, they'll find their way back to one another in a permanent fashion. I would prefer that he be Ten when this happens. I can believe this in my head no matter what, but it would be easier if I only had to work in the canon from Doomsday, rather than figure out how it works after her quasi-return thsi time around. Death I can flat-out deny; a temporary reunion I somehow feel compelled to explain.

And the thing is, as canon stands, despite the tiny bursts of hope brought on by these guest spots, it will never go back to being Rose and the Doctor. They will always be apart. And separation when they're both still alive is a hundred times more painful to me than the relative closure brought by death. It's hard to imagine something that cuts worse than Doomsday, but I have the nagging fear that this finale just might do it if, say, Rose decides of her own accord not to go back with him. (*curls up in a miserable ball at the very notion*) Look, I'm really nervous about the other spoiler pictures that look like Bad Wolf Bay. I do not know what it means, but I fear it cannot be good.

I'm probably being premature in my panic because for as much as I HATE the end of season 2, and despite the fact that I've not actually seen it in full yet, I've always gotten the sense that it - and what bled into season 3 - was at least a solid and emotionally satisfying kind of heartbreak, no stone left unturned in the mining of grief. There's no reason to think that it won't be pulled off again in season 4 - and yet I still think it.

Anyway. As long as she lives, there's going to be a yearning every year to bring her back, and it'll hurt just as much if she does as if she doesn't, and then you get into difficult questions like would it be okay to let her storyline fade after the next regeneration? And it's always going to torment and taunt with what-ifs and maybes, and I really just want a clean break from this emotional beating.

Besides, it would make it much easier to shut that chapter entirely and take your imagination to alternate universes where there are Happily Ever Afters and lots of Time babies. *\o/* 

(I'm always careful to undo my credibility with last lines like that.  *nods*)

Tags: doctor who, speculation, spoilers

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