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Clearly, that is going to become an official catch phrase 'round these parts.  You should always read it in a tone of annoyed exasperation, because every time I turn around, some new aggravation pops up.   Like "The Friday Night Project."

Explain to me why, exactly, I felt a need to watch this on nothing more than the phrase "David Tennant hosts"?  Without, I don't know, first RESEARCHING THE SHOW TO SEE HOW MUCH POTENTIAL IT HAD TO MAKE ME RECOIL IN HORROR?  *scrubs at brain*  Still...not...clean...

Why did I keep watching past the first three minutes, which managed to contain crude jokes and two half-naked women?  I don't know!  It took like 6 hours to load, and I was too stubborn to throw that effort away!  Tennant's accent hypnotizes me!  As does his very charming smile!  The pictures all over LJ of a rather underdressed DT made me sufficiently giggly!  I heard good things from other fans!  These fans were lying, or at least selectively omitting a lot.  

My eyes, they weep from what they cannot unsee.  I would like to say that the audience-question portion (especially the fangirl ruffling his hair) made up for everything, but it really didn't.  My ears, they bleed from being subjected to an hour of that idiotic vulgarity.  NEVER AGAIN.

EDIT: Oh hey, you know what makes up for it a little more?  This really awesome post from the LJ that just keeps on giving. 

Tags: bad shows, david tennant, friday night project
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