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To counteract the crappy spoiler news, and the equally crappy CSI: NY preview, I bring TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY from NBC's schedule for next year, as brought to you by their month-early upfronts

        1. MEDIUM GOT RENEWED!!  YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS.  Happy happy joy joy!
        2. Friday Night Lights got...well, half a season, anyway!  13 episodes is something.  Not safety, and not enough (sad; even with the strike they managed 15!) but not an ax either.  (*sniff* Jericho)
        3. Both my Law & Orders stay on the plate, apparently without any of last year's discussion or controversy surrounding them.
        4. ER gets renewed again.  At first I was less than excited about this, because I had long accepted the idea that this show, which has been on for over half my life regardless of when I actually started watching it, would come to a close when my education did.  I was prepared for that; figured it would align with end-of-an-era and all that.  But then my education got an unexpected extension, and now so has the show!  They once again claim this will be the last year, but I think maybe this time they're telling the truth.  It only makes sense; I don't think this paltry scramble of a few episodes after the writer's strike would have been enough to plan for a proper closing after 14 years.  An extra year gives them ample time.
        5. Scrubs did not get renewed, which is a little sad, but since everyone seems confident that ABC will save it, I'm not particularly affected.  Not that I'd probably be affected either way.
        6. The Office is safe; we knew that, but it deserves a squeal anyway.
        7. I don't even know what to do with this news of an Office spinoff, because while it does not officially exist yet except as an idea, I'm pretty sure there is no way I'd watch it.  The show really only has four characters worth watching on their own merit, so unless Ryan's spinning off, it doesn't interest me.  On the bright side, there are lots of chances for an irritating character to be taken off my screen, so maybe this is a good thing after all!  [edit: or...I guess it could be a spin-off with completely brand new characters, in which case...still fail.  As much love as I express for it, The Office is only interesting because of Jim and Pam.]

American Idol Results
Group sing to "9-5"!  I was so disappointed when no one sang this last night, but it was incredible for the group.  This was my favorite group performance of the year, otherwise known as "the only one I've enjoyed at all."  Kristy Lee really shines in these, I think.  Both figuratively and literally; loved her sparkly metallic tank top and the belt buckle on her jeans.   And heeeee, I love how Simon smiles when the pretty girls crowd his personal space.  Between that and wearing short sleeves - which is as close as she could possibly come to covering up that monstrosity under stage lights - I like Carly again.

Conversely, first fail of the season on the commercial.  Chanting "It's tricky" is not singing, and sports are gross.  The only worthwhile bits were Kristy pretending to be tough, and Brooke standing up through the sunroof to sink a basket.

Bucky Covington is gross.  WHY WAS HE POPULAR, EVER?

Phil Stacey the Alien!!  LOL, he looks even worse with scruffy facial hair and stubbly hair that shows the precise pattern of his not-quite-complete baldness.  And I say both these things in a tone of bemused fondness all the same, because he and his family are sort of ridiculously adorable, and I forgot how especially cute and sweet his wife is.  Also, after being an aggravating thorn in my side for weeks last year, he wormed his way into my heart in a permanent-type fashion with "Tobacco Road" and has been there ever since.

Bo Bice!  I love his dogs; I've loved him and his dogs ever since he had a photo shoot/article for People magazine back when his baby was born; I still have the article in my scrapbook.  I don't know why, but I sort of liked Bo and his whole rugged look.  Also, um, while I usually don't like long hair on guys past a certain point, when it's really long and thick like his, I go back to loving it.  Wait, intestinal surgery, whaaa?  Aw.  :( 

OMIGOD THAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER.  I thought the dogs were the height of cuteness (droopy Basset belleh!), but then he and Aidan were blowing dandelion seeds and, and, !!  They are such a cute family.  Forget Phil.  Bo is the cutest dad ever.

Ryan calls Syesha out, and Jason just looks at Brooke like "Ah, hell."  Speaking of which, I am really kind of furious that one of the two best is getting dumped in the bottom 3!   So now I've got two people I like in the bottom 3.  At least I can pin all my hopes on Ramiele.  Please be Ramiele.

Aw, Brooke got Simon to apologize.  I officially love Brooke now.  Took me long enough.  It probably helps that what I thought was a headband is actually an inside-out French braid across her crown, and you know I love people who can do pretty things with their hair.  While I'm talking about hair, Kristy's looks especially shiny and beautiful, the way mine only looks the day after I get it freshly done at the salon.  It's like a shampoo commercial.  

Simon rather adorably says - with what I believe is utmost sincerity - that he was only trying to help Carly by telling her to improve her wardrobe.  Then he says she's very cute, and my Simon love goes through the roof.
Ryan: There's a line, let's not cross it.
Translation: HOW DARE YOU.  *sniff*

Dolly song!  She is so unbelievably cute.  Definitely lives up to her name.  Singing "Jesus and Gravity," she is so magical that she spontaneously awakens my faith in Jesus.

"I got Jesus and you got Simon!" HEE.

YEEEEEEEEE-HAW!  OMG OMG OMG RAMIELE IS GONE AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.  I almost had a little bit of sympathy for her at the end, and then her journey video ended with "o lo" and I spontaneously combusted with rage.  Good riddance, little brat.  Don't forget to let the door hit you on he way out.

P.S. Things that were so boring I forgot about them: Audience questions, some winner from the band version of American Idol, and Idol Builds Puppies and Kittens From Pure Sugar and Rainbows.

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