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OK, now I can be coherent/excessively verbose about it.

'Previously on CSI: NY: It was February, Detective Angell was awesome, a virtual reality assassin escaped Mac's wrath even longer than his stalker did, Danny was three times as distraught over the accidental death of his 10-year-old neighbor than his brother being beaten into a coma, and everyone was hooking up like bunnies.  There were also these strangely persistent Internet rumors that Danny and Lindsay were dating.  Not sure what that last one's about.

"D.O.A. for a Day"
Angell!  My girl-crush, let me show you it.  First she comes out not only wearing a vest, but toting a really big gun, and looks all kinds of hot doing so.  Then she gets to don the vest again, during which she gets to be the recipient of Flack's appraising eye and "You look good in a vest."  FLIRTING: you're doing it right.  I just get the biggest stupid grin on my face when they have scenes like this, because they're so sharp and snappy (and v.v. pretty).  Sometimes I still can't believe I'm seeing this.  

Also, I probably should have laughed at Angell's "disguise" outfit with the plunging-neckline blue dress and the Marilyn Monroe wig, but I'll be damned if she didn't still look hot (unlike, say, Flack undercover as part of the cleanup crew or whatever it was).  Ten points for you if you write or find me a little ficlet incorporating the removal of this dress by a certain blue-eyed detective.  (oh, God, I do not even know where that came from.  My brain has been misbehaving lately.  Seriously, do want.)

"Mayor didn't see it the same way.  He said next time you want to blow up the crime lab, it's coming out of your paycheck."  This amusing line was the sum total usefulness of whats-her-name.  

I hate Jessalyn Gilsig.  No, that's not quite true, I liked her on "Boston Public."  The problem is that it means she is now and forever will be Miss Lauren Davis to me, and even if she wasn't, she came across as incredibly flat and one-dimensional in her first appearance, and I think this role is terribly miscast.  

Not that I'm excited about the role, mind; I may not have mentioned it on here but it disgusts me that Mac is getting a new love interest already.  Have you seen your own character?  Do you remember anything about, I don't know, beach balls?  Does he strike you as the kind of man who dives into relationships with any pretty woman that comes along?  Because, especially given how things ended with Peyton, he strikes me as a very solitary man, the kind of man - not unlike Grissom - who can let years slide by while simply being absorbed in his work.  Mac might be hot as all hell, and therefore I'm sure it is very tempting to keep him in a relationship, but character-wise it doesn't make any sense. I really expected him to go at least another 2 seasons before they even tried to broach the subject again.  (Of course, I also thought they were operating at full capacity by having two canon relationships happening simultaneously, and then season 4 started.)

WOW, that was a digression, wasn't it?  And then I read the CSI Files interview with the writer of tonight's episode, who almost alleviated my fears on this front by saying that wasn't necessarily the case with her, but...we'll see.  Anyway, like I said, she was uninspired and bland as cardboard, so I'd be happiest if we never had to see her again.  I know I said I hated Peyton at first too, but this runs much deeper than my Peyton hate ever did.  And, whoa, why was there hugging at episode's end?!  When did we progress all the way up to comfort hugs?  Stop that now.  I saw it coming and was like "No, no, no, please don't go there, please just leave it alone, please...ugh."

Aside from that, I enjoyed the case, and I'm glad they kept the Second Life aspect to a minimum, because I liked it last fall, but was bored by the prospect now.  Its lone appearance in the club (where I think I heard Flack mention something about Star Wars, and I get it, thank you!  Secretly a lame nerd!) was neat, though.  Computer hijack!  Freaky disembodied threats!  Virtual Mac Taylor taking a bullet to the head!  And the first murder victim...I'm positive that none of you read my Medium reviews, but I was just talking about how being abducted and held captive is at the height of my paranoid fears.  Okay, I might have had "and used for sex" thrown in there to legitimize it, but on second thought, I think being held captive and drugged via IV is almost worse than rape.  Let's not even getting into having your face surgically altered before a brutal death. 

"Aly walk with me" = POSSIBLE INSTANT SONG LOVE!  Music & lyrics both made my jaw drop, so I ran to look it up (that's the title, by the Raveonettes) - only to discover that it's only gorgeous like this for maybe the first half, 2 minutes, and then the rest of it is prone to breaking into stretches of earbleeding feedback noise or similar squalling that renders it unlistenable.  I hate when the show taunts me like that.

The eyeball camera was the grossest thing I've ever seen, and this is the series that brought me eyeball tattoos.  Show, what did I say about the eyes?  Mm?  I said STAY AWAY FROM THEM.  However, I was later duly placated by the appearance of a super-cute German Shepherd brought in to search the place.  Usually the dogs are just passing extras in the background; this one got to paw at a door and whine and tilt its head adorably.  

Further on the adorable animals - the cat that trotted up the steps past Danny and Lindsay, to which my initial reaction was "KITTY KITTY KITTY!"  Followed by the renewed determination that Lindsay needs to adopt a cat (possibly that one) and add it to the two dogs I'm convinced Danny owns.  Because I already have their future planned out in my head, and it involves marriage, no kids, and one more pet than most apartment buildings seem to allow.

The gun battle went on about twice as long as it needed to, and I'm already bracing myeslf for what people are going to say about Mac's Superhero Leap, but it surprised me to find out he'd actually gotten in a fatal shot, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

Stupid Moment of the Week: Did Lindsay REALLY need to explain that white-tailed deer were common in the Northeastern United States?  Really?  They're WHITE-TAILED DEER. They're common practically everywhere.  And while you'll notice I've carefully avoided mentioning D/L so far, I'm afraid we've reached that segment now.

Firstly: DANNY.  YOUR HAIR.  It's looking good from the back, growing out longer, but then I see the front and just...WHAT IS THIS TREND IN TRIANGULAR HAIR?  Who looks in the mirror and goes "Yes, I think I'll be a walking geometry lesson today"?  Is this some kind of height compensation?  Women wear heels to add inches, guys make their hair stand up straighter?  Ryan Seacrest, you bastard, what have you started?  I'm done with questions now.

Secondly: "Boom."  I am now contemplating ways to kill him via bomb explosion.  There will be a note taped to his charred forehead reading "Irony, I has it."

Thirdly: "Guys, we're not wired for remembering dates.  We remember sports and steak sides."  OK, here's the part where I get serious, because I loved this.  I love them, yet I also love that he forgot her birthday (sarcastic!Lindsay is my new favorite character)  And, well, sure I would rather have them exchanging flirty banter and being touchy-feely to remind us that they're a couple, but I will  also take Serious Talks.  Serious Talks that one party seems to be taking much deeper to heart than the other - the look of disappointment she was wearing as she watched him leave spoke volumes to me.  Get to that analysis in a minute.

The thing about this scene, though - this is them.  As much as I think they work, and are cute and strangely cohesive, and I can obviously even believe them married, they are soooo far away from Jim and Pam, or Joe and Alison, or any of my other emotional goldmine ships.  They're very compatible, but they lack that magic spark.  Danny's a good guy.  He's not a white knight.  We tend to forget that.  Apparently, Lindsay does too. 

My feelings for D/L are very complex and muddled, and I can't promise not to rehash my whole history with them again here, but that expression of hers was very much one of disillusionment.  This, after all, is the guy whose year of teasing comments and smirky, non-serious flirting slowly transformed themselves into actual feelings that finally manifested themselves in The Hug of Squee.  Heart sufficiently transferred to his sleeve, he wore it there through half a season and culminated in flying to Montana for her.  He changed for her.  And not for her like he made a conscious decision, but where she was concerned?  Different.  So different.  That's how she (you, I, we) fell in love with him.  

[*twitches and sharply raps side of head several times* I'm going to that Jacob place again, aren't I?  God, I swear, I'm almost through the second season of Doctor Who, and then I'll get out of those recaps and stop sounding so pretentious when I analyze things.  Stupid uncontrollable adoption of writing styles.]

But now that all the empathy and longing and emotional turmoil are over - oh, let's just ignore Ruben for now, can we? - he's gotten complacent with the relationship, and that means a slide back to the usual Danny.  Who, like I said, is not a bad guy, but he's also exactly how he describes himself - a typical guy.  This relationship is a good, comfortable thing - well, maybe that's a poor choice of words; it can be familiar without having lost that initial-physical-attraction spark - but with nothing to activate his grand romantic gestures, they don't cross his mind.  Time to accept that.  I'm not making excuses for him - really, I think he deserves every inch of the spurning she gives him in this scene - I'm just're not dating Jim Halpert.    

So make him sleep alone for a few days and then drag him with you to the opera.  :D

(As you can see, I was really quite cheerful and pleased with the episode for actually acknowledging their relationship, and then I saw the preview and the colors of my world suddenly inverted in disbelief)

Next Week: WTF WTF WTF!  Are you breaking up D/L?  It's not like I can't believe it, but I am a little bit annoyed!  I wasn't actually paying that much attention to the preview at first, and everyone else seems to have heard more than I did, but I heard "I've fallen in love with you," and after (1) laughing hysterically at her delivery and (2) arching an eyebrow and asking "Really?  You hadn't gotten around to saying that yet?", the tone finally sank in and I found myself cursing.  Part of me wants to believe that this is a mind game of misdirection.  The other part remembers the preview for "Love Run Cold."

And is this connected to those spoilers about the "other woman"?  Because if so, I don't think I have enough words in the world to explain how much this ticks me off.  But I'm going to keep those thoughts under wraps until next week, lest I make assumptions, draw conclusions, or incorporate old/incorrect spoilers that make my diatribe look silly.  Just...go back and read what I said about "Child's Play."  That should give you a sense of where I'm coming from.
In unrelated news, frick.  

So, believe it or not, there are actually quite a few pieces of the Most Wonderful Series of Oneshots that I haven't strictly read through yet - I've looked at them all, but my brain would probably have melted out of my skull if I'd tried to absorb them all at once, so I skipped and skimmed through several of them, meaning to read in full later. 

Today, being in a procrastinating mood and unable to stop tumbling over the "I was a dad once" line, I got a sudden and desperate urge to read the babyfic one - did I tell you about that one?  It's really a sort of brilliant way to get the Doctor and Rose and an [alien] baby together without the usual cliches, and feeds the craving for domesticity without actually having to sort out the permanent logistics of it.  Anyway, it was like reading it for the first time, which was such a thrill that I decided to try another one I'd been postponing for a while, "Human Nature."  I hadn't really understood it at first glance.  I perceived it as word art, and I can't do word art in a new fandom until I've built a cache of missing-scenes first, so aside it went. 

This time it hooked me a lot better, even if I still wasn't quite sure what was happening, and I was like halfway through before I realized oh, OH - the italics are episode quotes - and this must be from the episode of the same name, and oh - DAMN IT!  I think I just put together all the scattered pieces that have been floating in my subconscious.  I'm not sure how much is truth in the "Miles From Where You Are" video, which tells its own story using any Billie and/or David clips it deems necessary, but there are drawings in this fic and there are drawings that look a lot like Rose in that video, and there was that bit of the Doctor looking like he's going out of his mind, and also the passing blog mention that he was almost human once, and...hell.  Just, just once, could I please get to an episode before I totally spoil it for myself?  An episode that isn't "Love and Monsters," I mean? 
Voice: Probably, if you'd just watch the series instead of writing five pages about every single episode as you go.
RS: It's British TV's fault for not having enough episodes to make that prospect seem daunting.

[EDIT:, yeah, then I went back to read the author's note that calls this a rewrite which "completely ignores the entire plot of the episode."  That should have been a relief and/or stopped me.  But nooo, then I worried about how stupid my above rant looked, which drove me to creep over to Google and see just, just a HINT of what the episode plot really was.  Whereupon before I could tear myself away, I learned about him actually becoming human, something interesting about time and watches that I tried not to investigate too much, 1913 life as a schoolteacher, the journal/drawings, and that I was not, in fact, dreaming when I thought I remembered him having more than one scene in pajamas.  And also that I think I just ruined the best episode of next season.  *headdesk*] 

Well, I still have "Blink."  I've been looking forward to this one for ages, based on everyone's assurance that it was the scariest thing ever, and subsequently tried desperately not to let myself find out anything else about it.  Of course, in the course of my travels I've managed to find out that it's Doctor-lite and involves stone angels, but I like to think that I'm still relatively ignorant as to what actually happens. 

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