RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Dear LiveJournal:

"USB Humping Dogs" are neither a funny nor an acceptable advertisement to display on my home settings page.  Please dismiss this from your rotation, or I shall be forced to have STERN WORDS with you.

Dear [Doctor Who portion of the] Flist Which Knows All: I am always reading references, in fanfic, to the Doctor feeling cool to the touch.  Where did this concept come from?  Its sheer prevelance suggests a canon fact, but I can't recall hearing anything about it.  Is it something I should have picked up from the show by now and just missed, or is this one of those tricky Classic things you can only learn through research?  Or something else entirely?

Same people, similar question: I am also always reading about the TARDIS' seemingly endless Rooms of Requirement, despite the fact that we only ever see the one section.  I can infer that it has multiple rooms, but I feel like I'm missing a more overt explanation.

Things you learn on Wikipedia while researching Billie Piper: Wait, hey, whoa, BBC, you were considering a spin-off for Rose?  What?  Seriously, this isn't just a cruel Wikipedia joke of misinformation?  And then you canned it because of spinoff overload?  CANCEL TORCHWOOD!  Cancel the Sarah Jane Adventures!  Bring this idea to fruition immediately!  /whining

Dear non-DW fans: I know there's been a deluge of posts about this show lately, but just put up with them a little while longer.  My Shiny New Fandom Obsessions tend to burn white-hot for a period of approximately four months before they settle into the rotation with all my other fandoms.  We're just a little over the halfway point now, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel!    
Tags: doctor who, questions

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