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*desperately needs distraction from new series of Who* Oh!  That's right, the episode whose review-writing has set some kind of record for difficulty in finishing.  Dammit, I will get this done!  [and I did.   It took 5 straight hours of sitting in this chair, on top of what I'd already attempted to start earlier in the week, but dammit it's done, and it is thoroughClearly I do not have a 5-page Shakespeare paper due on Tuesday, or anything.]

2x11, "Fear Her"

Woo!  Take my feelings on "Love and Monsters," spin them 180 degrees, and you arrive at "Fear Her."  I'd heard some similarly disparaging things about this one, that it wasn't very good and/or was the same thing as "The Idiot's Lantern," but I LOVED IT.   In fact, this episode filled me with such glee I had to watch it twice. Certain clips I've played, well, we shouldn't even calculate how many times I've played them.  As you can see, it took me a solid week to even begin to start typing about it in a way that didn't trail off into "ASKDJASJKLDF DOCTOR/ROSE OTP, THE END." In short, brilliant piece for the end of the season.

All semblance of order will hereby be thrown out the window.  Proceed with caution.

I think the Isolus are my favorite aliens to date.  Wait, hang on, scanning...nope, they beat grim reaper dragon-wasps by a mile.  They're like pretty little flowers.  Pretty little flowers that take over peoples' bodies and kidnap them into 2-D, but...they're sad and lonely, and I can get behind that.  

Also, Chloe is sufficiently creepy, and sent chills down my spine from the moment she stared out her window in the teaser.  It just got creepier when she started explaining her presence in that raspy voice.  Speaking of...I believe I said something about wanting Doctor/kid interaction?  DING!  (True, the kid was possessed by an alien, but the alien itself was a kid, all evened out there)  By the time he was sitting on the bed behind Chloe, stroking her face while going on in sympathetic tones, I was half dead from squee.  Then I read the recap. 

All alone, separated from your people, lost in time, and you find one girl in London that needs you just as badly. And you write her into your story and cut her off from her own mother for your own purposes, so that you won't have to be lonely anymore. Leaving behind the hard and the broken and the lonely; stealing children for more and more stories, leaving death in your wake. With a glorious sense of play and fun about the whole thing. "I understand," says the Doctor. 

Moving on.  Kitty!  Long ago I found a whole segment on YouTube about how much trouble they had on set trying to get the cat to go into the box (should have stolen a kitty out of Boxhab, obvs), and ever since I've been waiting impatiently to see the thing in context.  The Doctor's grumpy look upon realizing that "beautiful boy" refers to the cat is the greatest thing ever.  Alas, I've found his first character flaw - being attacked by cat nuns is no excuse for not being a cat person, DOCTOR.  Why does everyone on TV hate animals?  Thank goodness for Rose saying "I used to have one like you," which in connection with Parallel Jackie (may she rest in peace) owning a Yorkie makes me believe that the Tylers are pet people...or at least small-pet people.  *sorely misses Arthur*

In a related note, I think there should exist fic in which Rose convinces the Doctor that their TARDIS needs a cat.  They could name it Astrid - hey, Voyage of the Damned doesn't exist yet, okay? - or perhaps Ginger.  It would have plenty of room to roam about the ship, and unlike a dog would not care when its crazy humans are gone for hours or days on their deranged adventures.  Someone write this for me. 

Moving on again.  "No probs!"  The Doctor is really, really giggly and peppy and otherwise extra-hyper in this episode, isn't he?  I think I'm starting to believe he *is* playing naked hide-and-seek in the TARDIS.  (SORRY. I CANNOT HELP MYSELF.  Stupid fic.)  I was tempted to create a drinking game for every sentence he ends with an exclamation point, but thought it would result in alcohol poisoning by the second act.  I actually lost count of the number of times he and Rose got touchy-feely.

Yeah, I give up on generalizations; it is time to switch to start the section on 

1. The much-iconed stroll down the street, with her arm in the crook of his, and his already borderline-manic bumping her shoulder at his own joke.  They are cute, and I love them. 

2. Curious Rose resisting opening the garage door for all of about 5 seconds before plunging in?  That's exactly how I look when I come across spoilers.  "Not gonna click, not gonna click...*clicks*"  And I freely admit that the buzzing scribble-monster scared the crap out of me, and I almost literally tipped backwards in my chair.  This is all in the D/R section because...

"Okey-dokey?"  HUGGING!  Between the last little leap over to her, and pulling her to her feet, and her sigh as she hugs him...argh!  They are unbearably cute all wrapped around each ot

Also, it took me like 500 reruns to figure out what he's shouting as he runs towards her, and I STILL couldn't get it until my third dwrewatch entry, where someone mentions him telling her not to move, and I finally sorted it out as "Stay still."  This happens quite a lot on this show, actually.  Like in...

3. TERRIFYING CRAYON FACE IN CLOSET.  At Rose's scream, you can actually see little dust clouds left behind as the Doctor bolts upstairs at a dead run and slams the door shut before it sucks her in.  It drove me absolutely nuts trying to figure out what he said while giving her that warning look.  Or rather, I heard "Nota," but I couldn't figure out what tar had to do with anything, or if it was supposed to be 'not her,' which was even more confusing, before it slowly sank in that "ta" can be a word on its own.  

Anyway.  For some reason, I never tire of watching him narrowly pull her back from the brink of disaster, again, some more.

4. Doctor randomly swiping a jar of jam and dipping his fingers in, plus Rose's HEM HEM reproach!  *giggles madly*  She's like five different types of mortified right there.  Her expression conveys them all.  The way the Doctor just freezes and slowly looks between the two women before oh-so-casually putting the jar back on the counter kills me.  

5. Personal space?  They have it not.  Literally bumping her out of her seat is amsuing, and, I dunno, I get giggly that he just holds up his hand without even looking, "Gum," and she spits it into his palm without so much as pausing.  I should probably find that gross, and yet all I can see is a weird kind of intimacy.

"It's scared!  Come on, you were a kid once."  "Yeah, and I know what kids can be like!  Right little -- terrors."  HEE.  I love when Rose just barely refrains from using a much naughtier word.  I love this conversation beyond words.  In no way using this to further my contemplation of them as parents.   

"I was a dad once." I - WAIT- HOLD THE PHONE!  Okay, well, I stumbled over this revelation a while ago, possibly even so long ago that I caught the reference in "Empty Child," but it never stops sending me on a mindspin.  This is too profoundly sad to write about.  I demand answers!  Answers in a canonical way; fic will not suffice!  TAKE NOTE: the first person who mentions his first companion will be slapped with a fish.  Unless you have answers in the form of "name and/or number of children" and possibly who bore them, your answers will not sufice.  I want this further explored in future episodes!  Or...not really, because Rose is the only person I care about seeing the reaction of.  But you get the idea.

On the bright side, this gorgeous scene also includes "You know what you need most of all?  You need a hand to hold."  And then he notices Rose's outstretched palm, and breaks into the broadest grin ever before latching onto her hand.  I didn't know about this beforehand, so it naturally caused me no end of SQUEE!  And the way Rose laughs at his mistake, giggling in pure mirth mixed with affection and he's not even slightly abashed because THEY ARE MADE OF SUGAR AND RAINBOWS - it is killing me with cuteness.  Dear Lord, can it be like this always and forever? 

6. "Who's gonna hold his hand now?"  Martha, that's who.  I have to crack snarky jokes, because otherwise the wibbly way Rose asks this will make me start crying right there.  It's just so profoundly sad when they are separated. *quickly skips to next scene, with all its shiny happy music*

7a. "Cake?"  HEE!  I love her prowling up behind him before offering a surprise treat.  (side note: what are edible ball bearings, exactly?  they look familiar, but I can't recall ever actually having had them.)  And the way the casual, happy grinning holds out for all of about fifteen seconds before she grabs him.  "Ooh, I thought I'd lost you!"  *explodes from squee*  And I've been waiting for a faintly more possessive grip for ages, so thumbs up for her hand on the back of his neck, even if it switches positions between shots.  HOW ARE THEY SO CUTE?  IT SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE TO BE THIS CUTE.  Also, wow, Idiot's Lantern really does set off a long chain of hugging episodes, doesn't it?

7b. You know me, I don't like to speculate on whether there's a physical aspect to their relationship by this point (*snort-giggle*), but I'm just saying that as they stroll down the street in the next shot, right after "Which events do we do well in?", her hand swings behind him for a second, and SOMEONE could totally misinterpret that as a pat on the behind.  

7c. Handholding, YAY!  (I think I am possibly beginning to love handholding more than hugs, now that I'm starting to become satiated on the latter)  
Also: Fireworks!  I am firmly convinced that his and Rose's chemistry is so explosive that it spontaneously created these fireworks you see here.  (what?)  Or at the very least, they make fantastic metaphors.  
V: Things burning white-hot, brief and brilliant and beautiful, before shattering into pieces that can never be put back together?
RS: I was going for a less depressing angle, actually, but since we're there...
Rose: They keep on trying to split us up, but they never ever will.

Why does she have to say that??  I'd forgotten that line was coming!  I was all wrapped up in my Shiny Happy Contentment Place, and then along comes The Hammer of Epic Doom and DESTROYS IT.  Stupid Rose, tempting fate!  Stupid Doctor, realizing and commenting on this!  Stupid Rose, not heeding the warning and tempting fate again!  Almost took away my squee for the way she bumps his shoulder on "Don't you reckon?"  (again: personal space, they have it not)

The rest of this scene belongs in the last section.  So, in conclusion: YAY, EPISODE OF MUCH SHIPPYNESS!

EDIT: Honorary scene #8 goes to your required-reading fic, "Bed Bugs," which takes place between days in this episode and features bedtime cuddling and Rose's Minute of Genius at 2:32 AM.  If you don't believe this took place behind the scenes, you are only deluding yourself. 

And Many Other Things
-Written by Matthew Graham.  Yeah, that's right, Mr. Davies.  Don't you dare show your face after last week.

-I love the song "Kookaburra," even though Chloe nearly ruined it for me with her horrible, horrible off-key singing!  When I say I can't hear when people are out of tune on American Idol, they would literally have to be this bad for me to notice.  So I just had to...mute her every time, and sing it for myself. 

-Parking the TARDIS wrong.  HEE.

-"Snakes and Ladders?  I'm quite good at...squash?  Reasonable?  ...I'm being facetious aren't I; there's no call for it."  God, I love the Doctor so much.  Although you can't blame the father; I'd be a bit disturbed to find a strange man crouched on my lawn and giggling to himself.

-How much do I love the pair when they turn up on doorsteps and introduce themselves, grinning like fools?  

-Breaking glass has never sounded more ominous than with the Doctor's device shattering on the ground behind her.

-Okay, so it was probably really cheesy when Rose whispered "Feel the love" and tossed the pod...but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Beautiful. 

-Drawing!Doctor is cute.  Especially when he conjures up drawing!torches and points to them.

Things I Didn't Like
-"FINGERS ON LIPS!"  And giving Rose a Look until she does it too.  OK, that bit's excellent, but that is the only redeeming thing about this scene, which goes on for ages and is really boring, as panicky/shouty/whiny townspeople tend to be.

-Also disliked the Council worker, whose scenes not only got skipped in the rewatch, but got partially fast-forwarded the first time around.  Necessary for plot, maybe, but when have I ever liked strictly necessary plot points? 

-Terrifying Dad Drawing was terrifying, at first, making me curl in on myself every time I heard it, and it even did its job straight to the end.  Unfortunately, that last scene went on just a little too long.  There are only so many times you can roar "I'm coming to HURT YOU!" before the repetition stops being scary and becomes laughable.  "Oh yeah?  Come on already, then!"  And the more Trish talked about how Chloe had gotten "the worst of it," the more I wondered what kind of horrible woman just puts up her horrible husband smacking her kid around (and/or possibly worse).  I mean, you always hear about abused women who stay as long as they're the only one getting it; that they can rationalize how they deserve it, or something.  But...this just seems profoundly horrible.  Mothers are supposed to know better than that.  It rankles!  I'm done with this diatribe now.

-"Feel the love" was heartwarming.  The Doctor's whole stupid picking-up-the-torch (UGH.  TORCHES.) and running all the way to light the flame was not, and was in fact the worst part of the episode.  Seemed sort of, how shall I put this, unnecessary?  *skips*

-Depressing ending.  Ugh.  So depressing.  Callbacks to the Christmas Invasion ("Something's coming"), but oh so much darker.  And then the depressingly eeeeeerie, moaning vocals sneak in (*weeps*), and it's just, WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS ALL THE TIME? 

-That preview is like a punch to the gut, by the way.  Every goddamn time.  At first I couldn't get past the first sentence without wanting to howl and break into tears.  Then I forced myself past the Satan Pit exchange, and my misery was quickly replaced by a fiery burning hatred for all things Torchwood.  But instead of stopping when it was good, I kept watching, and then Rose's haunting voiceover came back.  "This is the last story I'll ever tell."  *wails*  


Up Next: I continue to desperately attempt to resist series 4, which at this rate I will not catch up to until mid-May at best, and then probably take another week to wade into the waters of "Army of Ghosts" because I still can't even think about Doomsday without crying, and somehow I think it will just be even worse once I see it for real. 

Guys, I am seriously so tempted to just bounce over the whole of series 3, put it on the back burner and skip right into 4 with everybody else.  I...probably shouldn't do that, right?  

Well, now I need pep pills like whoa.  So...HAHAHA, so, in spectacular coincidence (I didn't ask for it!  I swear!), someone just uploaded the Pokemon soundtrack, and naturally I'm now listening to the whole CD.  I always liked Britney slightly more than Christina, as she was less slutty, so the fact that they have back-to-back tracks on this CD makes me giggle.  What also makes me giggle is that "We're a Miracle" = yawn, and "Soda Pop" = bouncy glee!  Watch it fizz and pop...the clock is ticking and we can't stop.

Oh!  And!  I had totally forgotten that N*SYNC had a track on this CD too, when suddenly I recognized a voice.  Or, not really, because I thought I was hearing Backstreet Boys, but...shut up.  

"Don't be a brontosaurus" is the greatest lyric on this entire CD.  Just FYI.  

Whoa.  I think I just picked Nick Lachey's voice out of the 98 Degrees song.  Perhaps the Ballad of the Wuss did have merit!  Nah, probably not. 

Yep, Jigglypuff still sounds awesome at the beginning/end of "Lullaby."  *giggles*

And while we're talking about awesome things, I always thought that "If Only Tears Could Bring You Back" would have made a perfect song for a Mulder/Scully video set in season 8.  I'm kind of disappointed no one's done it by now.

Aaron Carter songs could probably convince me to dance in public.  THAT IS HOW CATCHY THEY ARE.  

And finally: Voice, ten bucks says someone on YouTube has used "Brother, My Brother" for one of those slash pairings about guys who hate each other in canon.  
Voice: Of course they have.  I'll raise you five there's one about Harry & Draco.
RS: Deal.  *5 seconds later*  Man, didn't even have to get past Google to find Naruto vs. Sasuke.
V: Find the Harry/Draco one!  Now!
RS: I found one where Harry tries to reason with Voldemort, how's that?  *DIES LAUGHING*
V: *shoves RS out of the way* Got it!  
RS: *forks over cash*

I am having so much fun with this, I might have to bust out the Digimon soundtrack next. (oh no, wait, I sold that one after about a month because it was a solid hour of headache-inducing rock music.  never mind.)
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