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CBS Comedies are Amusing

The Class: As long as TV Squad keeps tearing it down, I'm going to have to pimp it on here.  I really, really love this show. 
Episodes still whip by; I laugh heartily, although I have to admit that the Duncan-and-...Yonk's wife...storyline is beginning to annoy me more and more as time goes on.  I think I'd rather have the 3-gay-men-and-a-dumb-blonde storyline.  At least the neurotic Holly is pretty.  It is, of course, the Kat and Ethan storyline that I love best, with the delightful wit and sarcasm...closely seconded by the Lina-Ritchie-his wife storyline.  Oh, that'll be fun.  And even though I should hate Ritchie and his generally pathetic look, he has some of the best lines after Kat. 

Last week it was this exchange:
Yonk: Is that sarcasm?  Because I do not 'get' sarcasm!
Ritchie: *opens mouth* *pauses, thinks* Which is surprising because you're so *smart.*
Yonk: Thank you.
(He does it again later, and when Yonk is still clueless, snickers to himself, "I could do this all day.")

This week, it was definitely when he got home and his wife crabbed about him being so late.
"Sorry, wouldn't want to cut into your yelling-at-me time..."

Ahh...I love it all.  Their marriage is so dysfunctional, it would be fun even WITHOUT the Lina storyline.  Somehow I remain optimistic that he and Lina will work out.  If Lina is as naive and forgiving as she seems, I think she'll take my side and think Sara Gilbert's character is just a whiny old crab and they've outgrown each other, so hey, move on!  (though, then again, Lina might just feel horrible and blame herself for being a homewrecker.  She kind of lacks self esteem that way.)

How I Met Your Mother: Forget Two and a Half Men.  THIS is absolutely my favorite comedy of the night.  Hell, this is my favorite Monday show, period. 
"Swarley!" HAHAHA.  It never got old.  That was amazing.  And Marshall and Lilly are back together.  That was wonderful too.  When the whole hunchback-with-a-limp thing turned out to be true (in a manner of speaking), that was probably the best line of the night. 

I have not yet watched the other two comedies of the night, because as previously hinted at, I screwed them over in favor of watching "Urban Hellraisers."  I'll get to them online.  Eventually.  Maybe I could do that now?  Nah, I'd rather watch Simpsons reruns.  I will quite honestly never tire of those.  Simpsons & Seinfeld are the two best half-hour comedies ever written.   Yes, better than Friends.

*rubs hands* 60 minutes 'til Matt-n-Emily, The Cutest Thing in Crime Drama (I'm working on trademarking that phrase...)!
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