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Nope, still haven't watched it; thoroughly spoiled myself instead.  Come on, you know I had to see what Kristine Huntley had to say about "Right Next Door."  

I thought maybe she'd at least be a little upset about what they'd done to Danny's character, even if she followed it up with something like relief that D/L looked like it was almost over.  But no!  Not at all!

Rikki tells Danny that one day he'll wake up and realize that Ruben's death wasn't his fault, but in the meantime wholly acknowledges she's taking advantage of his guilt over the incident. And why shouldn't she? Rikki lost her son, after all, and clearly has little left--it's hard to blame her for "taking advantage" of the handsome man who blames himself for the boy's death. 

Bolding mine, obviously.  Because WHAT THE HELL.  *sputters incoherently*  Also:  

it's clear from Danny's reaction that he never thought of her as a girlfriend at all.
. . .
You know what, I just have no words.  
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