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Pack O' Tuesday Goodness

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Tuesdays, TV-wise?

"Oh look.  A trail of clothes. Oh look, now he's kissing her shoulder.  I think it's supposed to be kissing, anyway; he looks more like he's sucking on her shoulder.  Okay.  Stop it.  Stop now.  You're going to that dirty place!  I won't allow it!"  I was an inch away from throwing things, when mercifully it cut away.  *shakes head* I'm warning you.  I don't want to go through this every week, wondering if they're going to throw my kind words back in my face and stop being cute. This is FOX, after all.

They have not strayed over the line yet, but they keep coming so dangerously close...yeah.  Anyway.  At least they haven't tried anything like a shower scene yet.

Oh God, did I just give them ideas?  NO!  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

They were back to the land of cute with the morning routine montage, getting dressed and making coffee and such (props to anyone who can decipher the expression on Emily's face when she kept looking at him, though.  I couldn't decide if was a vaguely suspicious look, like he was making coffee in some bizarre fashion, or if it was just supposed to be a "surreptitiously gazing at my lover before he's awake enough to notice" look.  I'd like to believe the latter...)

Once again, an interesting plotline that I doubt I will feel inclined to watch a second time, but which was molto compelling the first time around, and as usual I had no idea who the GLA sniper was.  I was vaguely suspicious that it might be Donny's father, but that was the extent of my guesswork.  I was sort of hoping Franks would get gunned down at some point, but I guess six episodes into a brand new show is a little early to kill off established characters, especially when they prove to be very capable snipers-on-the-side-of-justice.

The ending was oddly abrupt, though.  He just...puts the phone down, and slam, out.  Next week's previews don't look so promising, either.  Sigh.  What did I tell you about TV sucking?  Which is odd, seeing as we're now full-on into sweeps, and things should be getting BETTER, not WORSE!

House, M.D.: It was clever, airing this episode right after "The Blob" vignette on the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror. 
Or maybe it was completely unintentional, but that was literally all I could think about every time the guy was onscreen.  Seriously, that was gross.  Usually I have an urge to smack Chase about the head and shoulders when he starts in on the "ew, why doesn't everyone aspire to be a fine specimen of humanity such as myself,"and I can be perfectly tolerant up to a point, especially as it would be slightly hypocritical of me not to, but...I have a cutoff at 400.  Nobody should be able to get up to 400 pounds, let alone WELL BEYOND THAT.

Personally, I'm inclined to believe Cameron was a chubby child.  It fits right in, no matter what she says about "answers not always being that simple." Whereas Chase, despite his rampant hatred of overweight people that about rivals that of an anorexic, I think doesn't have any issues at all.  I think he's just a jerk. 

As for the non-case-related stuff, this was one of the best episodes ever.  House and his lawyer?  That was just funny.  I thought House explained his side of the story rather well, but I agree that if this goes to trial, he's not going to have the easiest time of it. 

Then again, House versus far, every time we've seen him, the latter literally oozes smarm, and it's instantly very off-putting.  Cop or not, I hope he knows how to exhibit some actual charm if he plans to influence the jury.  In this case, House might be the lesser of two evils. 

Remember how I didn't like the season premiere?  Yeah.  I liked this episode even less. 
Do you know how many good character-tidbit moments I caught?  One.  ONE.  Usually there are anywhere from four to a full dozen.  Occasionally, as in the case of "Bloodbath," there is more character development than case.  This episode? Ugh . I HATE STORIES ABOUT HOMELAND SECURITY AND TERRORISTS.  This is why I don't watch The Unit.  This is why I don't watch 24.  Getting the picture yet? 

Blonde woman is annoying.  She was set up to be annoying.  Gibbs is an idiot.  This is going to get so much worse before it gets better (I assume).  It was just gross.  She and Gibbs surreptitiously (haha twice in one blog! love that word) checking out each other's backsides...ew.  Ew.  And ew again.  Come ON people!  I like Jenny now! Remember?  Remember how rare it is for me to like a new character?  So fire up yon Paris affair again!  PLEASE!  Get the blonde Army woman whose name I did not even bother to learn OUT OF HERE.

Tony and the random student: Please let this be about La Grenouille.  Please let this be about La Grenouille.  Please let this be about La Grenouille.  Please let Tony's lack of checking-out-other-women be due to the fact that Ziva is distracting in more ways than he'll admit.  I didn't think I'd ever become a true Tiva girl, but it turns out I am, so in conclusion: NO ROMANCING THE MED STUDENT.

Besides.  Ziva sounded distinctly bitter when she "casually" mentioned that Tony's girlfriend wouldn't appreciate him ogling [Ziva's] chest.  She did too. Shut up. However she said it, it was NOT with her usual playful/smirking/I've-got-the-upper-hand-as-always tone.  You don't believe me, watch it again.

Speaking of which, that was the one character development moment.  Tony chasing Ziva back into the building and then all the way up to the rafters:
Tony: This has got to be the stupidest thing any human being has ever done.
Ziva: Then why are you following me, Tony?
Tony: I don't freakin' know...

Thus was the amusing exchange of "You know, I can see down your shirt..." and Ziva's strained response.

Best line of the night, however, goes to Gibbs: "You ever do that again, I'll kick your ass back to Israel."

I guess you could make the case for a second character development moment, with the boat being named Kelly (Me: EEEEH YAY LOVE!), but it was pretty much ruined by the fact that the stupid blonde woman was there hanging about sounding like a tramp, and there were no flashbacks, so no dice. *not for the first time, cries over loss of Shannon & Kelly*

All of Abby's scenes sucked.   Especially the bit with Poison Ivy McGee.  Ewww.  I kept waiting for Gibbs to come in, or something, but mercifully we were spared that sort of awful interaction.   *shudders at thought* And sure, there was sign language in the second scene, but AGAIN - was totally ruined by presence of blonde woman.  Yeah, I know they were signing ABOUT her, but still.  Words cannot express how much this woman annoys me.  She actually annoys me more than Michelle Lee, if such a thing is possible.  She's annoying on an Agent Cassidy level.  Please let her never appear again?  Gibbs needs to stay single.  I suspect Abby-lab-flirting will go way, disturbingly down if he gets involved with Blondie, and oh boy will I NOT be a happy camper if those go away.

Lost fall-season-finale tonight!  And CSI:NY!  Yay!  How is it that said show hasn't had a single repeat yet this year?  Either they're packing about 33 episodes into this year, or they're going to take a very painful and extended hiatus over the holidays...
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