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See what I did with the title there?  That was a kind of a cruel little hint.  Because Sara leaving this year wasn't ENOUGH, Warrick's on his way out the door too.  Gary Dourdan is done at the end of the season.   Which, oh my GOD!  That's 4 episodes away!  Stop SPRINGING these things on me!!  I feel like someone just hit me upside the head with a 2x4.   Can't think straight.  I know I've been saying the year is still going strong, but-but-but!  My happy little CSI world is smashing apart at an alarming rate!  And since CSI is the show that pulled me back into fandom after the 2 or 3 year absence I took when X-Files fervor died down, this is extra sad!

And the worst part is that now they're going to have to cast someone new, because I don't think the show will be able to sustain itself on a team of 4 (though Miami managed it for 4 seasons).   *makes bitchface*  Right now that's just my speculation, and I very much hope I'm wrong, but I fear I won't be. 

Mommy, I don't like the 2007-2008 season!  It's evil!

What next, CBS?  Going to cancel HIMYM on me?

*goes off to sulk about the end of her beloved Nick-n-Warrick scenes*
In a completely unrelated note, even though I know I can't afford to watch any for about a month, I'm becoming reeeally, reallly tempted to stop where I am in Doctor Who, jump to Runaway Bride (which I've already seen all the best parts of, but not watched in full), and then continue on to season 4.  I just can't bring myself to deal with AoG/Doomsday proper yet, and it seems like I might enjoy season 3 a lot more if I'm not watching it thinking "Must finish!  Must catch up to season 4!" the whole time. 

I really shouldn't do that, right?  Someone tell me I shouldn't do that. 
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