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This is my favorite assignment ever.

Well, maybe not ever, since it's rather small as far as assignments go...but for Writing Essays, next class period we're supposed to bring in a poem or brief (half page or less) excerpt from a novel/short story/essay that's important to us.  I think we're eventually going to get creative and do our own book-binding of the collection our class comes up with, but right now I just get to focus on finding something really pretty that best represents the type of writing I like.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited this makes me, because I have always dreamed of getting to do something like this, but never thought it would actually happen in any of my classes.

...which is simultaneously amazing and frustrating, because how, HOW, am I supposed to choose my favorite passage ever?!  I not only have a collection of favorite poems, I have tons of favorite novels, and then - oh dear God - all the word art I've collected in fanfic??  

Clearly, I am going to devote way more hours to this than I need to, or in fact can afford.  On the other hand...woohoo!  I have an excuse to spend all afternoon reading through my story binder and waxing rhapsodically about the best books ever written!  Hm.  I wonder if the library has Francesca Lia Block novels I could pore over.  *checks* They do!  Neither of my favorites, alas, but I think Echo has some pretty stuff...oh, and Rose and the Beast was good too, if I recall correctly.

You know what, let's make this an LJ meme.  Go forth, minions dear friends, and show off your own favorite (or 2 or 3 favorites; the more the merrier) selection(s).  I'll post mine once I figure it out, but I'd love to see what catches the attention of my flist.  Feel free to comment here, or spread the fun on your own journal.  [Edit: Belatedly, having seen jeremybrettfan's responsorial post, it occurs to me that it's much easier to convince other people to do this if I actually include concise, copy-and-pasteable instructions.  So: 

Think about a piece of writing you've read in the past - humorous, thought-provoking, descriptive, whatever - that you remember long after the fact and/or keep coming  back to.  Choose a brief poem or part of a short story/novel/essay (under 300 words) to excerpt.  Post the poem/excerpt along with a brief explanation of when or where you first read it and why it's significant.  Repeat as many times as your heart desires. 



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Apr. 17th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
Why "Last Words"?

The line: "but finger-tapping still our private morse, '...love you'" because to me it's sweet and real without the HOLLYWOOD GLOSS. To me, a bit like when Tom Hanks dies in Saving Private Ryan.

Why "The Road Not Taken"?

"I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
It reminds me that it's OK to be different, that it's brave to make the first steps, that even if people are reluctant to follow it could ultimately make you who you are regardless. I also just love the phrasing of "I took the one less traveled by" because the order of the words just seems to take on a more magical quality than if they'd been written "I took the road that was less travelled" or something....don't ask...I can't really explain it, and to me that's the way poetry should be, that you feel a certain way about it and you can't quite explain why.

Why "The Charge of the Light Brigade"?

The repetition, which normally, I'm not the biggest fan of in poetry, but I just think it work wonders here and it just sounds great when you read it aloud.

Why "Love, Unrequited"?

It's short, sweet and true.
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