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Oh, My God.

Lost can do no wrong.  Lost is like physically incapable of doing anything wrong where Sawyer and Kate are concerned.  Remember The Scene?  The scene I was snarly and angry about and gnashing my teeth saying we absolutely didn't need?  Even that fell under the heading of Cute Skate.  

And I say this in a voice of absolute and utter shock, because I have never said that about a sex scene before.  Ever.  In the history of the world.  I'm racking my brains trying to come up with another such scene that didn't make me want to retch on the spot, and I'm coming up empty.  

You see, I was expecting...well, rather like it looked in the previews.  Something a lot like the Ana-Lucia rumble in the jungle.  Frantic and mindless and generally off-putting.  And instead it was all...slow-mo and tender and punctuated every couple of seconds by Sawyer (!) pulling away and just looking at her, and just...basically included anything and everything I've ever enjoyed in any of the 6,280 cuddling scenarios I have read, watched, or imagined in my life.   Such were the things that made The Scene a bearable event.  And while it still went on slightly longer than I would have liked, and I could probably have done without the peeling off of shirts...well, it was nice.  The epic music probably helped matters along too. 

And as if it weren't already enough, afterwards, there was much cuddling, and hair stroking (let's set aside the fact that their hair is really dirty and nasty-looking right now), and I nearly died from an overdose of cute, and that was all still before my shipperiffic heart finally exploded at "I love you too."  Hahaha...that part was almost an anti-climatic bit of comic relief; he looked kind of proud of himself for saying it.  I dunno. 

*beams*  They're so heart can rest easy for the next thirteen weeks and then I assume Kate will get gutshot in the first February episode and go the way of all the other women who have sex on this island (although, if this is that OTHER island...). No, no spoilers, I just assume that based on the principle of Couples Never Stay Cute For Long.  In normal TV shows, this usual means one party cheats on the other or does something else to break up the relationship.  Since dating options on Craphole Island are limited, people with relationships aren't that eager to throw them away, and so the breakup excuse is usually death. 

If they both survive, of course, I will simply run out of ways to praise this show. 
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