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I'm so sick of school, yes I am.

Okay.  I've tackled 4 papers and an exam over the last week (totaling 23 pages of writing), plus 3 job interviews, and so despite pretty much wasting Friday, I still feel that I have earned a day's break to talk about the TV that I've been sneaking in.  FYI, the week's proposed schedule kind of went out the window in favor of spur-of-the-moment decisions, and I am completely following my whims about what to watch vs. skip. 

'Without a Trace
Jack/Sam shippers, foiled again!  Hah!  I'm actually a little sorry on their behalf, because it was cruel to tease with Samantha sitting vigil in the hospital all night, hovering at his side, only to get distracted by Unexpected Baby Daddy and disappear with him for the rest of the episode, leaving Vivian to be the one at Jack's side and feeding him ice chips when he woke up.  (And then cruelly torturing him by reading People magazine aloud.  Have I mentioned lately that Vivian is awesome?) 

However, as I much prefer Baby Daddy to Jack, I was all for their little scene.  And, OK, actually I don't care one way or the other about Brian (that's his name, right?), and still cannot for the life of me figure out why she ever told him in the first place if she never wanted to see him again, but since she did, thumbs up to him staying in the kid's life.  They don't have to fall in love or anything, but I would like to see them take a successful jab at co-parenting.  Although it's going to be funny when their son asks his parents how he met. 

Speaking of which, I'm glad she's having a boy.  I suppose that was automatically dictated by real life, but still, I think Samantha is far too neurotic to successfully parent a daughter.  Especially on her own (for the most part).  The poor child would grow up to be just like her.  I think she'll have much more success with a son.  

Finally, Danny/Elena continues to not exist - this completely dropped storyline bugs me more than anything in the history of TV - so I have to get my residual shipping glee from things like Martin putting his hand on Samantha's knee in comfort.  And really, there was nothing to read into that, especially since I no longer feel the sparks even while watching old episodes, but it reminds me of the old days when I used to love them.

The case was one of the more interesting ones, as teen girls inevitably are, but I never did figure out why she was so obsessed with knowing where her donor heart came from.  Or why she cared so much that it came from someone her age, as long as it was strong and healthy.  Or why the dead kid's brother flipped the hell out when he found out his brother had been a donor in the first place.  I think it was slightly creepy of her to contact the family in the first place - all you're going to do is stir up painful memories, honestly - but I also don't see how that flips the rage switch.

Especially since he kept screaming things like "Why are you alive and he's dead?!" and that seemed phenomenally stupid to me.  They had no connection at all prior to this.  It's not like they were in the same car and a quirk of Fate spared her; it's not like she was driving the car that hit him; she lived because she got a heart.  It didn't matter whose heart.  God didn't specifically strike him down.  Stupidity, it destroys me.   


Stream-of-consciousness style tonight - and yes, although I didn't clean it up and post it until tonight, these are all notes I took during the performance & results show on their respective nights.

American Idol: Top 7

-We’re getting so few now!  *sniff* They seem like such a tiny little group all of a sudden.  And Carly is still so pretty, at least from the neck up - OH!  MY MISTAKE!  She is wearing long sleeves (!!!!!!) and holy hell, suddenly she’s so hot that I’m surprised the stage doesn’t spontaneously erupt in flames.  

-Gross, Mariah Carey. I do not get her.  Never have. She's like, 8 feet tall and looks like she's going to crush everyone she stands next to, and she's like...white R&B, and that just doesn't make any sense as all.  HOW DOES SHE HAVE EIGHTEEN #1 HITS?  I DON'T EVEN KNOW ONE OF THEM.  I am not kidding about this.  I specifically looked up her list of hits, and none of them look familiar at all.  Perhaps Idol can enlighten me as to why she’s so famous and wonderful.  She has a 5 octave range?  We're supposed to...praise that?  

-Oh my God, she brought a dog!  She has the cutest little Jack Russell Terrier, and he is wriggly and the adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and can I just say that I would be way more excited to meet Mariah Carey’s dog than the woman herself?  So, fine, she wins a few points for being an animal lover.  Still.  Not looking forward to this.

-"I'm looking for IDENTITY.  Who are YOU?  I'm Randy."  LOL.


David: What...what is this soft, breathy singing?  Does he always sound like this, and I just tune him out because he annoys me?  He's so bland, I don't get it.  How long until he goes home?


Carly: Okay, well, she apparently had to bare cleavage as a trade-off, but at least she hid that godawful tattoo.  Also, I think perhaps if she could just NOT TALK, EVER, she would be even more fantastic, because between her accent that sounds like nothing recognizable and the way she gets overexcited while answering questions, it's just painful to listen to her. 

I don't know this song...*frowns* But I've heard it...somehow...OH MY GOD!  ["Without You."]  OH MY GOD, this is another one of those songs that Clay Aiken destroyed on his Album of Crappy Covers!  Carly!  Stop doing this to me!  She sounded strained at the beginning, too.  So even though I'm hating her voice and her cleavage and her song choice, I'm loving her long sleeves, her amazing sparkly/dangly earrings (heyhey, those look a little like Hilary Duff's line...), I'm hypnotized by her face and I her, a lot.


OH GOD, HER HUSBAND HAS TATTOOS ALL OVER HIS FACE *AND ARMS*!  Grossss!  So if his arm tattoos influenced *her* arm tattoo, does that mean...oh dear God, don't ever let me think about that again.

Judgy Moments: Hey, oh, what was that leaning over Paula's shoulder, Simon?  (Saula!  I will not let it die!)  

"Wow.  What a surprise to hear you lot booing!"


Syesha: DAMMIT.  DO NOT START WITH "O LO."  VOTE HER ASS OUT RIGHT NOW JUST FOR THAT.  I don't even care about her performance tonight because at the end of her video, she slipped in an "o lo" and clearly thought it was cute, clever, and charming of her to do so.  Her personality can no longer save her, and I WANT HER GONE THIS MINUTE.  (Additionally, it does not help that she tried to rip my eardrums out with her hideously loud voice.  *stabs*) 


Hosting Moment: I feel as though Ryan is being worrisomely foreboding when he says that after the break, we'll see Brooke and Kristy Lee "battle it out."  Like maybe only one blonde is going to live to see next week.  I do not like this feeling.


Brooke: Brooke needs to just play piano always.  She's cute with guitar, but when she plays the piano, that's where she just locks into place.  And I'm amazed by how she can just memorize this whole song's music in addition to singing it.  I felt like she got off key a few times, though?  It must have been really bad if I heard it.  Which is too bad, because the song was nice enough.  And oh God, her husband is just so cute when he smiles like that, it almost makes up for the fact that Luke is gone.  (No, wait, still full of bittercakes about that)

Additionally, Brooke is another one of those people who needs to not talk.


Celebrity Sighting: Woot, Tracie Thoms is in the house!  Which reminds me, I missed Cold Case this week and I can't find it online.  Gr.


Kristy Lee: You know, now that *really* I think about it, I think I wish that NOBODY on this show would ever talk for any reason.  I'm always embarassed whenever they speak. Anyway.  What are you doing to me tonight, Kristy??  Bland strapless dress, knee length and nondescript in color.  Where's my catalogue model girl?  And you looked like you were in pain at the beginning, and it started reeeeeally low... but then it got better! And the full-voiced chorus was fantastic, and she started looking like a real performer.  It was her song, she was shining.  America, that's like 4 weeks in a row now that Kristy Lee has kicked a considerable amount of ass, so perhaps you could eradicate your ingrained hatred and start accepting that she's improved, at the very least.


Porky Pig: Okay, as much as I suddenly want Syesha to go?  I want this stupid, gross, grungy scruffy freak gone EVEN MORE.  You know how I sort of like a couple of Daughtry's songs?  You could not pay me to go see him in concert and have to, what's the word, look at him.  So while there is a minute possibility that I might enjoy some of David Cook's songs at some point in the future, and I think I would even be enjoying this one right now if I were hearing it for the first time in .mp3 format, actually watching him perform on this show makes me want to puke.  It is thus quite impossible to praise, appreciate, or otherwise enjoy any of his music.  So please, for the love of God, get rid of him for his own good.

Judgy Moment: Ryan tearing a "Simon for President" sign in half.  That was cruel; I hope you apologized to the poor sign-maker for ruining her hard work.

Jason: Well, that was...disappointing.  I didn't really get it. 

Results, in an even more stream-of-consciousness way:

1. I missed the first third, busy attending a mandatory presentation on domestic abuse for one of my classes, and got back just in time to catch the tail end of the Ford commercial.  I'm sick of missing these!  The marionette concept looked cool.  

ELLIOT YAMIN!!  The facial hair seems a little scruffy, and the regular hair isn't quite fluffy enough for me just now, and I am not instantly in love with the song, so this is a step down from last year's performance.  Also, seriously, do not do the thing where you write on your palm in black Sharpie.  There's no call for it at all.  Oh...never mind, that's sad; his mom just died.  I'm going to go curl up and cry now.

3. Oh sweet Jesus, Syesha's hair is the scariest thing I've ever seen.  Also, Brooke has stolen Kristy Lee's metallic top.  And Carly, are you quite sure that blouse didn't have sleeves before you got a hold of it?  It looks weird and wrong without sleeves.  Damn you.    

4. And what the hell is Kristy wearing?  The weird rhinestone outlining makes it look like she's wearing a bra over her shirt instead of underneath.  Honey, just because you look like a model is no reason to dress like a runway one.

5. Awww, I am so glad somebody asked about the horse!  And now I am really upset that the guy won't sell him back.  Fuck you, Random Guy!  And then I sent a strongly worded letter to my mother scolding her for convincing me that Kristy had sold the horse to someone she knew in order to prevent a situation like this from happening.  This is horrible!  And tragic!  And I am twenty types of upset all over again!

6. Actually, Stupid Lady, Simon uses lots of nouns to describe things.  Piano bar, hamburger, karoake, theme park: all of these are nouns, woman!  I twitched every time she emphasized the word "adjective."  

7. Ahahaha, "is [Porky Pig] single?" I like this way of subtly addressing the "so are you really hooking up with Lacey Schwimmer?" question.  He promised he was very single indeed, which I will be clinging to as fact regardless of whether it is strictly true or not.  Because as much as I didn't like Lacey's weird combination of innocent virgin/budding sex kitten act on SYTYCD, she doesn't deserve David Cook.  And by that I mean "I would never wish such a punishment upon any woman."  

8.  Yeah.  I still do not get Mariah at all, this is dead boring (except for the part where she ripped my eardrums out).  And what the hell is she wearing, with the random side cutouts?  It's like a bra + a fabric tube from there to mid-thigh.  *camera switches behind*  OH MY GOD, IT LITERALLY IS A BRA!  It's a bra just barely attached in front to a material tube.  This is the dumbest style for a dress *ever.*  On a related note, it pains me that Mariah and I share a birthday.

9. Oh come on, are we really doing the stupid split-group thing again?  This is dumb.  It's just such a stupid charade to make the last person come out and "choose," which obviously means they have to just sit down in the middle, because if they pick the right group they look like an ass and if they pick the wrong one they look like a fool.

10. You know what's dumber than that?  Swapping one person from each of the groups.  The lengths this show goes through to keep the bottom 3 revelation a thing of mystique is ridiculous.  Can we have the half-hour results back, please?


Ryan: *promises to send 1 person back to safety*

Me: Kristy Lee.  But I'd rather it be Brooke, just so I can stop worrying about her. 

Ryan: Syesha.

Me: WHAT the hell. 

This is sick and wrong.  My sense of foreboding was right!  I hate this!  No matter what, I'm losing a beloved blonde, and considering all the people I hate right now, it's just not right that it should come down to one of my beauties.  Why is Brooke running out of momentum already?  And Kristy Lee was awesome last night.  Effing Syesha.

Ryan: The person staying with us...

Me: Oh please dear God...actually, I don't even know who I want it to be.  There's Kristy Lee, who is beautiful and says less cringe-inducing things when the judges get to her, but then there's Brooke who sings more songs I like and has a cute husband.  I can't choose!  I can't!

Ryan: Is Brooke.

Me: *cries* Would have cried anyway, but still.  UPSET!  And sell her horse back!!  

12. Seriously, look how cute and pretty she is throughout the video package.  And always with such beautiful clothes.  She has the perfect body for them; as much as I like her singing, her perfect career is clearly in catalogue modeling.  And her personality is so vibrant and bright;
she is cuter than six baskets of puppies!  And watching her sing to Simon ruins that, so I'm going to go watch commercials now.


13. OMG HILARIOUS, it's a Wamu commerical with a guy being climbed all over by a litter of puppies.  

14. So after the results, I called Mom to talk about homework-related things, and of course we got around to talking about Idol.  Mom was happy Brooke had stayed, and said the only thing she didn't like about Kristy Lee was that she seemed dumb.  And my jaw dropped and my ire flew up, because - really?  She doesn't strike me as a dumb girl at all.  We got into a (good-natured) spat about which blonde was smarter, and I stubbornly stick to my convictions that Brooke, for all her sweetness, is not particularly smart.  Not like Kellie Pickler stupid, but not academically gifted, either.  I can't picture her being anywhere near an honors class.  Kristy, I can.  What Mom mistakes for vapidness I just see as bubbling-over enthusiasm. 

15. P.S. I have wound up on a MySpace page with her music, and can I just say that "Clean Break" is really awesome?  I didn't think I was a fan of country, but these songs are really catchy.  I may need to be purchasing CDs here. 


'SVU: "Undercover"
Remind me never to get arrested.  

I figured we were in for rough going when we got a warning for "intense scenes," because I can't remember the last time I saw something like that for this show.  I mean, it's a crime show.  This particular one specializes in things like rape and child abuse, so it's usually pretty intense anyway.  An extra warning seems...yeah, the extra warning was totally justified.

This was a really good episode.  I actually got involved with the first victim's storyline, which usually doesn't happen if I know from the previews that there are bigger things on which to focus.  But that still took a backseat to Olivia's undercover story, in which her every scene in the prison just blew me away.  Cringed and couldn't even watch the showering stuff.  Liked the quasi-friendships she made.  Was a little shocked that Finn hit her hard enough to draw blood at the beginning, though.  I mean, I know they needed serious realism and had to play tough guard/uppity prisoner roles, but OW.  That's a disturbingly violent thing to do to a friend.

The real hallmark of a good episode, though?  Casting a reeeeaally creepy guy as the rapist guard.  The dead look in his eyes chilled me to the bone, and I seriously had nightmares after that last scene.  Which, again...up to that point, I'd just been thinking "oh, this is a really good episode," but then that started and it just.  Kept.  Going.  Even I started getting scared for her.  I kept thinking "Okay, it's got to cut away soon, right?  Is still network TV!  Finn has to show up, or something, and...OKAY, PANTS ARE DROPPING, BUT SURELY THIS WILL STOP SOON RIGHT?"  I was all hunched up in a little ball, willing it to stop.   

Although, if they'd implied he had actually gone through with it before Finn showed up, I would have been impressed too, because that seems like new ground to break with main characters.  Almost worse than your standard rape case, at least from a viewing perspective; it seems so much more degrading.  Still - really hard sequence to watch, very uncomfortable, and probably something I'll never be able to see again.

Fortunately, they saved it with humor at the end.  What, you didn't see the humor?  I was all wrapped up in the storyline - albeit confused as to why, with Finn as a witness, they couldn't file any charges that would stick - and then Olivia starts asking the teen girl if she remembers any particular details about his genitals.  Like a mole, maybe.  And she does.  That's when I just burst out laughing.  Only on SVU would someone have an irregular penis.

It was kind of awesome to watch all the women in their cells snickering and jeering as they finally hauled him off in arrest, though. 

-Munch appeared.  My brain short-circuited with pleasure and I can't remember what he did or sad, but he existed and had lines, which was cause enough for a glee fit.  

-Casey did not, and I was sad. It became even sadder the next day, when I learned that Diane Neal is quitting the show at the end of the season, which: NOOOOOO!  We love Casey!  Casey is fantastic!  Even better than Alex!  And I just don't want to deal with another cast adjustment in my crime shows.  This makes six shakeups for next season.  Not cool.

-FINN!  Your hair!  The rattail is gone; it's all shorn like a sheep!  I am not sure I know how to handle this.

-If the uncle really wasn't molesting his niece, as I was inclined to believe once we heard both their testimonies...can anyone explain why he felt a need to sleep in the nude?  Letting her share the bed, even at her age, I could maybe get.  It's the nudity that baffles me.  

-Reesa's body turning up in the morgue was one of those deaths that felt like a punch to the gut.  I haven't been caught that off-guard since the cute little street family child turned up dead with her eyes gouged out.  

-I felt like the tuberculosis was a bit much to throw in with everything else.  I tied a lot of stuff together, or at least seemed like it was going to, but...really, tuberculosis?  

-One tip for creepy rapists: if you have your victim in handcuffs, especially if she is particularly feisty, do not unlock those handcuffs for any reason.  She does not want to cooperate with you.  This will only make it easier for her to escape, and possibly cause you some pain in the process.   


I...I...*bursts into sobs* OZZY!  NOOOO!  He cannot be the first member of the Couple-y Alliance (which clearly no longer exists, but I will continue to reference it) to get bounced out; he was supposed to be the last man standing!  DAMMIT, CIRIE.  Although really, it's Parvati's fault.  If I strongly disliked her last week, now I've got full-blown hatred going on.  I think it is possible I loathe that woman more than any other player in Survivor history.  And I loathed Rocky a lot.
Ozzy's simmering mix of anguish and bitterness ("Thanks guys.") hurt, as did Erik's stunned and not a little bit heartbroken face, but nothing stung more than the look of betrayed shock on Amanda's.  Seriously, Parvati grosses me out.  She really was that bitchy girl in high school who was your best friend one week and spreading rumors about you the next, wasn't she?  She's such a stereotype, of the kind I normally see only in books and movies, that I kind of can't believe she's real.  And yet there it is, playing out before my eyes.  And poor James getting thrown under the bus too.  This is what happens when you make a pact with the bitchy devil, sir.   

Sidebar: I can't believe he didn't even bring the idol to Tribal.  I don't understand why people don't do this.  How does it hurt you to have it on your person?  I can't hurt you, it can only help you if you think you need it.  You should bring it every time.  *headdesk* And now suddenly all the awesome people except Alexis are on the chopping block while the idiots rule the roost, and this distresses me a lot.  Let us try to forget this unpleasantness.  

The reward challenge was fun, although in a schoolyard pick, I'm not sure why Alexis was one of the last choices.  Yes, there was swimming and climbing, but ultimately it was a test of memory, and Alexis not only seems pretty athletic, but rather keen of mind.  Of course, when you've got Ozzy, Erik, Jason and Amanda all on one team, there's so much physical strength (less than James, maybe, but also more lithe and streamlined) that I don't see how the chalenge could have ended any other way.  Not that I minded, because Amanda was cute hanging off Ozzy's arm as they got ready to go on the world's most unique date, and Erik is REDONKULOUSLY CUTE at all times.   

Ozzy described it best when he talked about how Erik approached everything with wide-eyed wonder.  It really is a joy to watch that.  I don't even know how you can look at Erik and not smile.  Even when he says stupid things like how this is the most boobage he's ever seen in his life, he says it with such total slack-jawed sincerity that I just giggle.  And I am equally amused by Ozzy's amusement with it; he really is like an older dog warming up to a worshipful puppy.

That was one of the funniest immunity challenges I've ever seen.  Gross to have buckets of paint slopping down, but the reactions it got out of people were priceless.  Cirie and Erik, giddy over candy, and then poor Alexis accidentally knocking herself out of the challenge.  I definitely sympathize with her stormy expression, even if Probst mocked her for it.  And then Natalie tumbled out a second later, and neither of them got the cookies and milk.  

NOTHING, however, was greater than what promptly happened to James.  He wasn't even really laughing at them, he was just being his good-natured self, amused at the situation.  But I find it hysterical that there is like zero time lapse between noting "Man, that would suck" and "Oh, bitch!" as he accidentally tips his own bucket over.  I fell out of my chair laughing and rewound it several times until I found this YouTube clip to do it for me.  Watch it and be euphoric (it's only 45 seconds, click it). 
God, that was great.  And I love how almost everybody got knocked out or stepped down inside of an hour, and then the rest of them battled it out for like 5 hours until Amanda had to pee (didn't your mother ever tell you to go to the bathroom before you start endurance challenges?), but then it came down to Jason and Parvati.  Right here is when I knew the episode was going to suck.  There was just way too much glint in Parvati's eyes.  Soon as she won immunity, bad things were bound to happen.  As they did.  Sigh.  

Next week: James is hilarious.
"I don't want it to be completely awkward between us."
"Oh, it's gonna be awkward."    

I really hope something miraculous happens and Parvati gets her butt booted, or at least knocked out of its current position as alpha player.


CSI: NY: Like Water for Murder

What the hell, PTB?  Did someone recently go through a messy breakup/divorce?  Systematically taking it out on all the characters here?  I can't see any other reason you'd merrily have Danny hooking up with Rikki one week and then flip right around and talk about an extramarital kiss involving Mac the next.  

Come on.  I was so excited to see Reed again, and I shrieked with joy when Mac said "you remind me of your mother," flailing all over the place about the direct Claire discussion, and then I heard that.  Come on.  Mac/Claire has always been my special little thing to treasure.  I am free to believe in a combination of its enduring strength (see also: "Whisper in the Dark") and the clearly canon details of "Only Living Boy in New York," but even though I suppose a kiss could fit into the framework of the latter, I don't want to know that.  Everyone else seems glad to hear that Mac has faults, and fine, give him some, but could it not be THIS?  I want to believe it was Claire, Claire, always and only Claire, with no more strain than too much time spent at work.

Everyone also seems quick to point out that it wasn't a full-blown affair or even a one-night-stand and she probably initiated it, but it still bothers me.  I will not listen to this "moment of weakness" stuff.  No moments!  Zero moments of weakness are allowed!  And it would have made me feel a lot better if he'd said "I didn't mean to lead you on" rather than "I didn't mean to make things difficult for you," which is similar but not quite as definitive. I am at least slightly placated by the fact that he doesn't appear interested in her now, because that would be slightly squicky and make me wonder if he only pushed her away then out of a sense of duty to the bonds of matrimony, rather than simply because he loved his wife.    

But this isn't one of those things where he says no initially and then changes his mind later, right? 
Wait.  Who's the love interest, Jordan or her?  I am paralyzed with sudden fear that I got it wrong, and hope this is not the case.  At least Jordan has a slight air of fragility about her.  Quinn, on the other hand, is one of those tough, hard-nosed, pushy and overconfident women.  I cannot stand women like that, and I would be happiest if we never saw her again.  And you know what the best part was?  When she first appeared, I thought "Hey, as long as they don't push a weird non-existent flirting between her and Mac, they have a nice working chemistry."  She was slightly more irritating than Stella in terms of being overbearing, but also bared less cleavage, so it was an even tradoff.  And then they blew it up in my face, and I became bitter and resentful.

Bitterness continued as Reed abruptly turned into Kyle Harmon, petulant and sulky, after a year of being a mild-mannered, pleasant and rather endearing young man.  SIGH.  Why would you do that to me, show?  Why would you ruin one of the greatest minor characters ever?  Maybe I should be glad Peyton fled when she did.  The letter wasn't nice, but at least she didn't say "Sorry, met hot fellow Londoner, trading up."  

Oh, and D/L.  You crazy kids, I don't even know what to say about you anymore.  I was hoping maybe we could just sweep the ugly fallout under the same rug we swept the cute part of their relationship, but no, apparently we get to see it in all its excruciating, drawn-out detail.  

I have no idea what they were babbling on about in their weird accents [Edit: Oh.  Jaws, apparently.], but I loved seeing the glimpse of how they fit together, however brief.  And Danny was a little bit endearing the way he hesitantly suggested watching the movie together, but I'm proud of how Lindsay shot him down.  I know she doesn't know about the DIRTY SCUMBAG CHEATING, but...I'm finding him especially irritating.  I just wish she hadn't subsequently left the room.  *wince* 

I don't mind that Quinn's nastily sharp eye caught a mistake made, even as a result of romantic entanglement, but did it have to be Lindsay who made the mistake?  Why couldn't it be Danny the Dick?  Lindsay really doesn't need any more criticism heaped on her (HAVE AT IT, KRISTINE.  LET'S JUST HAVE AT IT).

Then again, it did give me the Mac/Lindsay scene. I always like her clever little demonstrations, and even though I winced so hard when he confronted her that I was peeking through my fingers, she actually handled herself much better than I thought she would.  I was all ready for a round of painfully fake/wooden dialogue, but then she struck a nice blend of being apologetic without completely falling to pieces while doing so.

By the way, I LOVED her saying "I should never have gotten involved with a coworker."  I think there's a difference, albeit a subtle one, between "I made a bad decision and hoped to avoid the consequences" and "I let myself believe there would be no consequences," and I take the latter position.  I've always felt that that as cute and appealing as she may have found him, if he hadn't been pushing her along the whole time, she would never have tried to take it beyond a little crush.  Hell, she didn't.  He finally asked her out.  She stopped it before it started, and arguably that was because the trial stuff popped up, but still - Danny flew out to Montana.  She only left him a card.  Then she let her guard down, and in the end she got burned.  Should have known better.

I would not, of course, object to an eventual revival of D/L.  Please feel free to keep that in mind, PTB. 

Aside from that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable - and at the end, excessively creepy - case, which by virtue of being a case isn't worth actually going into detail about except for 1 thing. 

I have a slight quibble as to why that attorney's poster would still be up three months after his death.  I'd think they'd get sick of telling people who call that he can't work their case because he's deceased.  Then again, maybe he was just so bad at his job that nobody ever called.  

I didn't know it was going to be continued, though, and if it doesn't get solved in the next episode, I'm going to be irritated.  Let's institute a maximum of one arc per season, okay?  You're already pushing your limits with the two random Second Life episodes weeks apart.  

Also Noted
-I'm always fascinated by animal autopsies...or at least the animal bodies, which always look surprisingly realistic (they only look that way, though, right?).  I could have stared at the shark all day.  

-Flack loves his chocolate, heh

-Flack: The Abercrombie twins over there... (SO TRUE)

Still to come: Office
Skipped: Cold Case, HIMYM, Medium, Bones, NCIS, ER #2.  I feel my willpower wavering on several of these, though.  Surely I don't need to start my next paper until after noon tomorrow?  Surely I could fit in another couple of commentaries tonight before bed?  I think seven days of homework in a row broke my brain, and I can't get my motivation back.  This is bad, because you don't even know how much I still have to do.  

But I'll finish whining about that later. 

Tags: american idol, csi: ny, law & order: svu, survivor, tv commentary, without a trace

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  • Bookish Goals & Resolutions for 2021

    This is an upcoming topic for Top Ten Tuesday, but I don't want to wait all the way to January 12th to post it (or even until tomorrow), so…

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