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Question for HIMYM viewers!

You know that thing I've been fearing with regards to a potential ship between two characters?  Is that the big THING that everyone's talking about for tonight's Sandcastles episode?  Because people keep talking about something BIG and SURPRISING that goes way beyond the video, and I am really kind of worried that the thing I fear has come to pass. 

I'm not going anywhere near your posts because I don't want to be spoiled for context.  I just want to know in general a) if I have to fear, and b) how much I have to fear.  So, if the answer to the first part is "yes," then...on a scale of 1-10, how disturbed am I going to be?
In unrelated news, I just have a couple of things to say about last week's episode of Cold Case:

"Eddie" is currently indistinguishable from whoever his character was on Will & Grace, and that's really not going to help me buy him as Lily's love interest.  In a related note, didn't we just go down the "I hate you!  In three episodes, let's make out," route with Scotty?  

It just seemed especially obnoxious to have Lil pouting in a corner while everyone else got along great with the guy.  Like "Really, writers?  Where might you possibly be going with this storyline?  IT IS JUST SO SUBTLE, I AM NOT QUITE SURE." 

On the bright side, I had absolutely no emotional involvement with the case, except that I think I remember the 2008 version of the son being a bad guy on one of the CSIs, possibly Miami.  He's got very angry eyebrows. 
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