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I should have known...

Damn it, world, "STOP BLOWIN' 'OLES IN MY 'SHIP!"

I hate you.  I hate everybody.  Everybody is being a killjoy.  They suck.  Everybody keeps insisting that Kate is either a) still not sure or b) definitively loves Jack.  SHUT.  UP.  *kills all tolerance for potential Jate boat*  Mean people keep pointing to the fact that Kate didn't actually say "I love you."  Hey, you know who else didn't say 'I love you'?  MULDER AND SCULLY.  Because the love you/love you too exchange, much as it made me squee on CSI Miami, tends to fall flat as a general and there are more interesting ways of showing it.  Stupid people are trying to kill my dreams, saying that a) if Sawyer's life weren't in danger, they wouldn't have slept together yet, and b) that Kate, while she "may have some feelings of attraction towards him," only did it so that he wouldn't give up hope and would actually care about those constant threats to kill him, exploiting his obvious feelings for her.

Me: *explodes*

Okay.  I'll give you point A, just the one.  I'm HAPPY to give you point A.  Here's why: See my several dozen previous notes on how "reluctant participants in UST dances need a traumatic emotional/possibly near-death experience in order to shake up one or both parties enough to realize how much they care about the other."  Sawyer's had about ten near-death experiences since they were captured, and the combined effect of those has been to make Kate realize she cares.  And that's combined with the fact that not only did she just have all her of her hope of permanent escape dashed to pieces, he'd just said one of the sweetest things ever, having tried to protect her from that crushing realization for as long as he possibly could.  Because he cared about her.  Hell, at that point even I wanted to jump his bones.

Ugh.  I hate naysayers.  They make a perfectly grand Thursday into an ultra-crappy one.
While I'm still being ticked off, and still haven't seen the OC season premiere...found a link to an article from NY Post online. 
With a quote I dislike: "Then there's Summer, who is off at Brown. To show that she's trying to get serious, they have her committed to all kinds of causes - like chickens. Hello! There's a giant war going on and her cause is chickens?"

Every time people crack about this, I get more and more ticked off.  Cause me?  I don't care about the giant war.  I do care about animal welfare.  The giant war is exceedingly boring and I have yet to figure out how it directly affects my life.  CHICKENS, on the other hand, are cute.  Oh so cute.  And the conditions of chicken factory farms make me sadder than a bunch of unknown people halfway across the globe.  Or the plight of any unknown people, really.  Sorry, but chickens are easier to care about.

Summer has been my favorite character for a long time now.  The sum total of Stupid Nasty Things she's done is much lower than for any other teenager on the show; in fact I think only Johnny's count is lower.  Think about it.  Summer doesn't get obnoxiously drunk and cause mayhem.  (I'm sure she does drink, but I don't even remember the last time I saw her, you know, plastered).  She doesn't smoke pot or do other drugs.  She doesn't sleep with everyone she sees...although her nasty 'first time' with Seth counts as one of the SNT's on her list, for the most part she's not slutty like Marissa.  (or Ryan the manwhore)  She's just a very, very redeemable character.  

Not like Seth, who keeps doing THE MOST IDIOTIC AND IMMATURE S*** EVER.  His character has been shot to hell so many times, I've given up on caring about him.  Even though Seth/Summer is my OTP for this show, I almost hope that they break up, because they're just not compatible.  Summer's moved on.  And the saddest part is that this is all Seth's fault for being a wimp and not applying to an alternate school earlier (I'm going to ask it again.  How the hell did Seth not get into Brown?) Because honestly, I think if they had both gone away to the East coast together in the fall, I think they'd be doing okay.
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