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The joys of word art

Current assignment: "In an essay of about 500 words, analyze and describe your voice as a writer."  This is way harder than it sounds.  Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to describe my word-art inclinations, and I decided to make that my first paragraph so I could preface the essay with an example of the style.  I was paging through one of the Francesca Lia Block books again, trying to pull one sentence out, when my jaw dropped.  Much too late to use for class, unfortunately, this is that perfect example I was looking for last week, with the fantastic imagery, colors, sensory details and mysterious phrasing.

From Echo:

So the boy began a desperate search for a woman with flowers growing out of her head, birds on her shoulders and the ability to mend broken hearts with her creations.  There was no sign of her for years.  Then he realized that he wouldn’t find her in Manhattan, a city of dark stone and soot and noise and burning cold winters where nature had to be imported and relegated to certain areas like a caged animal.  He imagined she was living in a sun-blossomed paradise, a city of magicians, movie queens, love-struck clowns. 

So he took the empty box of paints his mother had given him and the wedding dress wrapped in pale blue tissue paper and left the brownstone apartment, where he lived in a perpetual silence with his aunt and uncle, and went to Los Angeles to find her.  

Sitting at a soda fountain in a hotel restaurant, he was shocked to see beside him a little girl with satined skin and a white dove perched on her garlands of rose-colored hair.  She was sipping a root beer float in a state of bliss.  He heard the fizz of soda and cream, smelled the caramel dark; her hair was waves of petals, her hands were carved ivory amulets, tiny enough that he could have worn them around his neck.  He said a prayer to a God he had ceased to believe in.  He vowed to wait for her, to never let himself love anyone else.  But one day she was not at the counter sipping her float.  She and the enchantment were gone from the hotel. 

Argh.  I wish I'd come across this in time.  I ended up going with Lady of Shalott, but suddenly that looks incredibly bland compared to what I wanted to include. 

Tags: books, fiction
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