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Anniversary! (kind of)

As many of you know, this site has several significant milestone marks that make it impossible to honestly say "Hey, I've been here for X months/years now."  There's the day I created it.  There's the day I transferred all of my backdated TV posts from Xanga and started actively using it.  And there's the day those backdated posts actually started, the day I decided I loved TV enough that I needed to create a whole separate blog to start talking about it.  That's the one we'll be celebrating today.

2 years ago, I looked around, realized that readers of my personal blog had not even a tenth the interest in my TV shows that I did, and decided to create an outlet for any time I wanted to mention something about it.  The posts didn't really transition into regular episode reviews until October that year, but April 26, 2006 was the first day I "offically" started writing about TV.  As part of the nostalgia celebrations, I dug out some older TV talk that I had posted on my regular blog/saved in Word documents, before I had anywhere else to put it (and a little from May 06 that I didn't post here).  

'Summer 2005 [O.C., between seasons 2 & 3]

Once upon a time, I liked the four kids, I couldn't even choose which was my favorite character, but then one by one they all behaved like reckless idiots, even sweet/funny/witty Seth, so I gave up on them.  My favorite character is now the sweet/sensitive/smart/handsome Zack, seconded by Sandy Cohen since he actually has a moral compass.  Everybody else is as inbred and inter-related and stupid as a clan of rabbits.  There’s a second implication in that analogy too, of course. 

Question: Will I be watching the third season of The O.C.?  Well, they were smart enough to end its CSI face-off this time around, putting it back in the 7 PM slot.  And I’ll admit, I enjoyed the second season finale (way more than the first), even if it summed up a crappy season.  I would like to know how everybody’s going to wiggle out of the shooting, after all.  Nevertheless, it depends on whether or not the first episode of Survivor is as interesting as last season was.  If so, O.C. slides off the radar again.  If not, I will give it a third chance, at least until the rutting season begins (usually occurs a month or two after the legal-troubles season), at which point I will be more than happy to dump its ass and find a better 7:00 show.

I don't know what I hope to see in this season, but I know what I don't want to see: Sex.  I don’t want to see any of it.  None.  I don’t want anybody else going gay, I don’t want any hetero couples going at it, I don’t want The Golden Couple (that would be Mr. & Mrs. Cohen) to go off having affairs, I don’t want to visit any more strip clubs…in short, tell stories without sex!  Even just two episodes in a row!  Is that really so difficult?  In a related note, if at all possible, I never want to see Theresa again either.  

'January 25, 2006 - review of CSI: Miami, "Silencer"

Unlike GSR on the original, prior to now I’ve never been a great promoter of any ships on this show. [a/n: HAHAHA, HOW THAT WILL SOON CHANGE]  I liked Horatio’s sad little attachment to Yelina knowing nothing could ever happen.  But the scenes with Eric’s sister are just adorable.  By far the best part of the night.  And I loved the ending, Horatio sort of apologetically asking for Eric’s permission.  I don’t know how to explain it, how odd it looked for the boss to be afraid of his employee.  I’m glad Eric was fine with it.  Although when he said “I heard…you and Marisol had dinner last night,” all I could think was, “Heard from who?  The lab mole?”  I mean, she knew Horatio was going to talk to Eric, so I don’t see why she would have preemptively told him.  And who else would know something like that?

Also…Eric and Natalia?  Where the heck did that come from?  I haven’t missed an episode in weeks, and I saw no foreshadowing of that event.  Plus I am still suspicious of BoaVista’s agenda.  Nevertheless, I’m glad she hooked up with Eric and not Ryan, because Ryan is much too good and cute for someone like her.  He has bad luck with women.  I suggest asking out Valera.  She’s sweet, my favorite lab tech of all time.

Oh!  That blog post about Eric and Ryan?  I do not know who this “A-Rod” is, so I cannot compare, but I burst out laughing when she wrote that Ryan looked “like Jake Gyllenhaal.”  YES, EXACTLY!  I noticed that the first day he was on the show, and it’s been burning me up inside ever since.  He looks just like him!  Except cuter.  Also, I found it odd that Eric had never heard of him, since it has now been 15 days since I was able to make it through a 24-hour period without hearing something about Brokeback Mountain.  


'February 9, 2006, "We don't tape on Thursday nights anymore..." 
For we must be poised!  And ready!  To channel-flip!  For so many, many reasons, most of them involving "ew."  Let's start with The O.C. [season 3, "The Heavy Lifting,"], and more specifically a poll. 

Who is most to blame for Johnny's death? 

A) Marissa, the clueless one, for rejecting him in a letter after spending the past six months leading him on.
B) Mrs. Harper, for never being around long enough to notice her son's increasingly erratic behavior
C) Kaitlin, for supplying Johnny with alcohol
D) Julie Cooper, for leaving her alcohol lying around unlocked
E) Ryan, for showing up and (figuratively) pushing Johnny over the edge
F) Johnny, because he is stupid and he sucks, always has and always will.
G) No one, it was just a terrible accident

(Me, I like a combo platter of A-E, which is why I'm writing the poll and not voting in it)

OK!  I admit it!  Fox stole my soul!  It stole my soul BUT IT'S FOR THE LAST TIME, and only because Lady Heather was back on CSI ["Pirates of the Third Reich"], and Lady Heather (known in the state next door as Julie Cooper) causes me to projectile-vomit.

And it didn't TOTALLY steal my soul, because I kept flipping back and forth between channels.  So I don't entirely know what happened on either show, but I did mildy amuse myself keeping up a stream-of-consciousness rantview.  You may read it here in all its glory.

"Hm: The most important stuff on O.C. will happen in the first five minutes, and nothing happens on CSI until after the first commercial set, so let's start with channel 9."

Hanging around, waiting for news from the hospital.  I remember when they did that for Marissa, too.  Except I don't really, because that was the time that I waited six weeks to find out what happened after TJ (my fave ep ever/when and why I fell in love with the show) only to forget to turn on my tape, and dance class ran late that night, so I missed the first half hour.  But I digress.

Ryan's only purpose to being alive in this episode is to hug Marissa comfortingly when they find out Johnny's dead, and he didn't even do THAT properly.  It always looks so forced and awkward.  Might have helped if Marissa had, you know, cried, but that's not her fault; she doesn't know how to display emotions.   

Seth: "Making a list of [anime movies blah blah] is sort of like master-"
Stephanie: *channel flip*
"Oh, ew, guy with missing eye."  *channel flip back*

So, it's now several minutes in, and M is talking Johnny's cousin, and here's what I have to say: Sadie, WHY DID YOU NOT SHOW UP TEN EPISODES AGO?  Or five?  Or any time, really, before last week?   

[birthstone necklace she made, at his request, for Marissa] Holy!  Hell!  If I'm supposed to be finding this cheesy and/or creepy, I'm totally not.  Sorry.  Johnny is just that awesome.  :)  Also, that necklace is beautiful and I want one.

"It's an angel...he said that's what you were to him."  Yes-yes.  Too bad the look in Marissa's eyes is "OLIVER" in big flashing neon lights.  (remember Oliver?  Last arc of good episodes before the show exploded into flames from which it did not recover until second-season-finale?)
*commercial break, flips back and forth, CBS comes back first*

Stephanie: EW! NEEDLE THROUGH EYE!!  *two seconds later* EW!  LADY HEATHER!
*flips back to Fox*
Still commercials.  Is it wrong if I sit here and watch a jingle for Menard's instead of CSI?  Yes?  OK, I'll go back.
"Ew!  German!" Haha...kidding.  Kind of.  Back to FOX.

Seriously, Sadie.  I was all prepared to hate you for your upcoming role, but it turns out that you're smart and gorgeous and likable, and you know what?  You'd look very good with Ryan.  Marissa and Johnny, Ryan and Sadie, yeah, I'd be happy with this scenario...

"Ew," Ryan and Marissa holding hands.  You two?  You were the Golden Couple back in seasono uno.  Then this thing called Teresa happened, and it was gross, and though it was less gross than Alex, you were never again quite the same.   

Ew!  Volchok! *flip*
Ew!  Lady Heather!  *flip*
You know what?  I, I...I am going to go watch My Name is Earl.  And I hate Earl.

*30 seconds later* Turns out I REALLY hate Earl, so back to the first two shows.
*cocks head* Y'know what?  After this episode, seeing bright-eyed and empty-headed Marissa running up to collect Ryan, ending his [sad-yet-sparks-a-flyin', not-unlike-that-time-with-Johnny-telling-Marissa-about-his-dad] chat with Sadie, I think that soon I shall be quoting Apu:
"HAH!  Now you know it feels!"

8:30 - OK, I'm done flipping.  Sticking with CSI, even though according to all available spoilers, Sara isn't even in the second half.  Which means I have missed all her exchanges with Grissom for the night [a/n: actually, it turns out those got cut].  And only the LH ending scene is left.  Damn it. 

Seriously, I'm going to go do my homework in protest of this crappy night of television.  (Well, no I'm not, but it's tempting)  Oh heck, more commercials; let's flip again.

Marissa is...taking out the necklace and looking at it.  She appears to be feeling guilty, and if Sara M doesn't say it in the TWoP recap, I'm saying it now - "You would think we'd see the end of the Johnny-Marissa-Ryan triangle now that he's DEAD, but no, this just opens the door for us to spend the remainder of the season focusing on Marissa dealing with her resulting Issues."

Oh, look at that!  She's trying to cry!  She tries so hard!  But she can't do it! 

"And I did everything for you..." - I never pay attention to the music in this show, ever, because it all sounds the same (sucky).  But I like this song and its not-so-subtle significance.  Enough OC drama for tonight.  Having missed most of the previewed lingerie scenes, I'm going to pretend they didn't happen, so this one shall be labeled Not Bad For a Valentine's Episode.

 Uh...I'm not sure which is more disturbing; Lady Heather whipping the crap (or at least most of the blood) out of a guy in the desert, or Grissom stopping her...with the result that she launches herself at him, sobbing, and he lays his hand on her hair.  Seriously, they're both almost as disturbing.  And you know what the worst part is?  Grissom manages to be more comforting than Ryan was. 

9:00 PM: I totally cannot decide which show I hate more right now, ER or Without a Trace?  *checks out ER* Oh, that's nice.  That's nice, one of those episodes with dirty scenes in it, featuring my least favorite doctor.  *flips to Without a Trace*
And...we have Relationship Jack and The Mysterious Woman again.  OK, that's it.  NBC and FOX and CBS all suck, so let's give it up for the other network.  Specifically, my tape of "Lost" from last night.

*cues it up*  I'll be back...

Lost [2x13, "The Long Con"]

It's a real pity, because up until this week, instead of hating Sawyer, I've been liking him more and more each week this season, especially since they brought him back to the hatch.  Particularly loved his scenes with Kate this week.  As for the flashback, wow, I despise flashbacks, as a general rule, but this week they were more fun than the episode.  I deny that any part of the rest of this episode happened, save the scenes with Sayid. 

I didn't bother rantviewing, so, all I'm going to say is why does Charlie have to be evil, and why does Sawyer have to go back to being an asshole?  I mean, Charlie, I hate Locke more than you do, but that's no reason to go cracking Sun on the head and entering into deals with the island devil.  Add that to Claire being as thick as Marissa, and Sayid and Vincent are the only worthwhile characters left on the show.  Good thing it's a Sayid episode next week.  Even though he, too, appears to be returning to his evil roots... "Will somebody tell me what the hell's going on here?"  Did somebody unleash The Sickness, or what? 

March 5, 2006
I watched American Idol this week...for the first and probably last time this season, of course, because a) it conflicts with NCIS and b) wow, it's a boring show.  I watch it when I'm home, though, because Mom loves it and we have fun commentating together.  She used to be in choir and still loves to sing, so she plays the role of Simon and judges voice, while I play the role of the deaf public and arbitrarily judge on appearance/whether or not I like their name.   

Conclusion 1: All girls are forgettable except Katharine McPhee, who's got a cute name and pretty hair and a pleasantly optimistic face.  Also, Kelly Clarkson was the only good idol this show ever named.  The country genre, it is boring.  Go away, Carrie Underwood. 

Conclusion 2: All guys are hideously ugly except for Ace, who might be attractive if he were clean-shaven, Kevin, who isn't displeasing to the eye but should report back to 7th grade immediately, and David, The Cute One.  Oh wait, except America immediately kicked David out.  Good thing I wasn't going to watch anymore anyway.

May 5

Good Lord...I think they're actually going to crack 100 pages on the spoiler thread for the CSI season finale over yonder on Your Tax Dollars at Work; currently at 87 and it's only been up a week - still two to go.  Impressive.  How badly are we anticipating the final minute, huh?  I don't really spend a lot of time on message boards but...cripes! [Edit: Got up to 120 pages last I checked, with just 5 days before the finale, but I think we have since crashed the board.  Again.  Sigh.]

Late May

Someone's dead in Orange County, and I would really like some official confirmation instead of trying to decipher blog posts...(please tell me wasn't Sandy!  Please!) Was it Marissa?  Please?  Dear God, are my prayers answered?  Oh...I have gotten a comment that says "yes."  Thank you!  Sweet justice for all those awful scenes of you half naked and hooking up with everyone that looks at you, and for you drinking like a fish, but mostly for driving Johnny up to and over the brink of insanity, which incidentally resembled a cliff edge.  [I really, really never stopped being bitter about that.]

Well, that was fun...for me, at least.  Research Paper Time Nao. 
Voice: There a lot of people named Jim, Pam, Alex and Sawyer in the ICC?
RS: *vanishes LJ window* You see nothing!  Look over there!  *runs*
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