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Despite not having seen "The Chain of Screaming" yet, I watched That Episode of HIMYM.  I kept saying "Okay, just 2 minutes...okay, just to the next commercial break...okay, but we WILL STOP before the ending..." and suddenly I'd watched the whole thing

And, um...I don't even know what to say.  I cannot grasp the episode as a whole, because Barney/Robin overshadows everything else.  And my feelings on that are pretty much "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO."

The thing is, I adored the scene between the two of them in the bar.  It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, the way he laughs at her for getting dumped the same way twice, and then switches into comfort mode when she starts to cry.  It's just so very Barney; not overly sentimental, still - "Aww" and "Come here" and arm around shoulders!  Straight into the mental index of Cute Moments with you.  And I love the way he matter-of-factly informs her "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth," but he says it with the most endearing smile and, I don't know, affection?

At this point, I was like "You know, I think maybe I could get on board this ship."  I was kinda into it.  I could finally start to see what everyone else has been raging about for months.  And them watching the video together, despite my initial trepidation at how the scene started, was also excellent.  They really do make great pals on their own, don't they?  I never got that vibe from them before.  I like it.

Then I lost track of time, forgetting that I'd meant to stop it before the end, and got carried away by the video.  It wasn't really that great, visually or musically, but I was busy going OMGWTF 'I'm on the pill now'? - and all of a sudden Barney and Robin were making out.

WAIT WAIT WAIT HOLD THE PHONE and NO!   "No, damn you!" I yelped, recoiling in horror.  I could have shipped them!  I had just gotten on board with the idea of shipping them, but you cannot simultaneously fling kissing on me like that.  Overload, and so my brain rejects, rejects, rejects.  Do not want.  Do not want at all.  Because I mean, really, how can this possibly end well?  Either it's 1-time or brief thing, and then it's done and over, or Barney is no longer a hilarious womanizer.  Both options are sad.     

HOWEVER.  The door has been opened, and I've become just a tad curious about what it might be like if I let my brain entertain the notion, without having to see it on screen.   Which means I've been poking around for fic.  And I could possibly handle it if it turned this fic, "Gone With the Wind Style":

“Well, it’s not often I find someone who likes it, how shall I put this, a tad unconventional, can play laser tag with me afterwards, will suit up, and enjoys a good cigar. Face it, Scherbatsky, we’re awesome together.”

I feel like I really should mention the other stuff in this episode, but...yeah, still impossible.  Except that "revertigo" is the best word ever, and reminds me why I adore this show's writers.
It's been 3 weeks since I last posted about Doctor Who, which means it's been 4 weeks since I last watched an episode.  This stretches the limits of my patience, so I rounded up Army of Ghosts.  It taunted me on the desktop for 3 more hours before I gave in and decided to watch it.   I mean, it's not Doomsday yet!  Surely it can't be that bad!

Um, yeah, I made it as far as the theme song before it was too unbearable to continue, and I abruptly turned it off with a high-pitched whimper.  Stop talking about dying!  Stop being miserable and reminding me of how beautiful it all was before!  I assure you this will be painful enough without you prefacing it with a dark and foreboding teaser!  *grumbles* I thought I prepared myself for this.  I thought I built up an arsenal of feasibly canon-compliant futurefic specifically to combat this feeling, not to mention a wall of Ten/Rose fluff about five feet thick.  What happened to that?  Why isn't it working? 
Have to go write a French paper now.  It shouldn't be that hard, really; all I have to do is write about "A la folie...pas du tout" (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not), which is easily my favorite French film of all time.  The only problem is that it's so amazing, it pretty much leaves me speechless.  Between the characters and the art direction and the simultaneously beautiful and creepy depictions of art, it's a complete masterpiece.  This really is Audrey Tautou's best role.  OK...must focus... 
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