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It's been a terribly long time since I talked about Medium, so that's getting first mention.  I've decided it's not worth the effort to do full-blown reviews of the last 3 episodes, so let me just pull out some general thoughts:

Firstly, I kind of confused myself with the first two episodes because I watched them simultaneously - 4x12 during the commercials of 4x13 (because the previews promised me a hospital visit, and clearly I could not wait a whole extra day to see that).  I skipped through a lot of the duller scenes in the former because it really, really was not that interesting, and neither were the home scenes. 

"Partners in Crime" (oh hey, Universe, that's just cruel, reminding me how much I want to start watching the new season of Doctor Who already)
-I hereby declare Kurtwood Smith to be an amazing actor, fully capable of breaking outside his memorable role as Red Foreman.  Alas, this is where my lack of familiarity with early seasons of this show trips me up, because apparently he's been on this show before, but I don't have any frame of reference for Agent Cooper's history with Allison.  I mean, I got the idea, but it

It still weirds me out when she talks to ghosts, though.  I know that's what the show's title implies, and it's how the show originally went, but...I came in with Dream Era.  This part where she actually talks to ghosts is really hard for me to wrap my brain around when everything else about this show is so realistic, so normal suburban family.  I don't know why the dreams don't bother me, but they seem less abjectly distorting of reality.  Anyway.  I was completely fooled by the misdirection, so kudos to the writers for having a really interesting, intriguing way of catching the killer.  I kind of love Cooper's version of justice.  Stop whining, Allison. 

-It's been a little while since I wanted to smack the living hell out of Bridgette, but her tooth-wiggling antics reminded me why I used to hate her so much.  I will never understand why she's everybody's favorite kid when she's such a brat.  Then again, maybe I just identify more with Ariel because of her long gorgeous hair she's the eldest with such an age gap between her and the next sibling.

"A Cure For What Ails You"
-Mom and I both declared Megan Doyle to be Trouble from the minute we saw her (although admittedly, my opinion was mostly being formed by this episode)  Personally, I'm still amazed that Joe's invention is getting off the ground in any capacity, much less one in which he has considerable hands-on control, but since we have to put up with Megan...yeah, not liking it.  She has this weird way of flirting, where she's not really flirting, and yet it's so obvious that she WILL be flirting that it makes her every word to and look at Joe send my skin crawling.  Mostly because I fear Allison's propensity toward histrionics and blowing things out of proportion.   As soon as Joe said he hadn't noticed whether she was pretty and/or married, I planted my Worry hat firmly on my head.  This has "epic misunderstanding" written all over it.

-Marie + glasses = cutest storyline ever.  The littlest DuBois has an interesting dynamic; while Ariel and her mother are highly similar and Bridgette and her dad get along well, Marie gets doted on by both but is almost more like a little doll, a decoration, than an individual person yet.  I can't remember how old she's supposed to be - 4? - but she hardly ever says anything, just observes the proceedings around her.  I liked her getting a whole story to herself.  Or mostly to herself, anyway.

-"That was a $500 nap you just took."  OUCH.  In other words, the hospital scene that got me to watch the episode was made of fail, and its fallout was just kind of sad and uncomfortable to watch. 

-I don't know why it took them so long to figure out that the people he was talking to were in an airport.  Maybe I've seen a similar plotline before, but I figured it what had happened well before the ending.  I never do that. (Also: Adviprin, HAHAHA, that may be the dumbest fake brand name ever created.)  

-As always, I like Lee so much better when Lynn is involved., not until TODAY did I learn that Megan Doyle is supposed to be a famous guest star in the manner of Anjelica Houston.  Apparently Kelly Preston is famous or something.  I don't know.  Her face didn't trigger a reaction from me at all.  Which makes sense, given that according to IMDB, I have never seen her before except possibly in Jerry Maguire, but that was a while ago and I don't remember her being in it.  

"Car Trouble"
Okay, THAT was a good episode!  I liked 4x13 better than the preceding one, but this put them both to shame.  I was riveted from start to finish, and at the end I yelped in surprise protest that it was over already.  I hate To Be Continued!  Booo!  But let me rewind.  I liked it enough to watch twice, so this time I'm keeping up a semi running commentary. 

-I HATE alarm clocks on TV.  I fucking hate them, hate them enough to swear when I'm otherwise in a really good mood.  You see, THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO WAKE UP.  The radio, for example.  Or a CD.  Or, I use my cell phone, which plays a pleasant little melody, which came with the phone and therefore is not tinny at all.  Not everyone needs that goddamn piercing beeping, and I would appreciate it a lot if I didn't have to hear it when I'm fully awake and trying to watch TV (don't even get me started on commercials that use the damn things)  What I'm saying is, I did not need that teaser for any reason.  Although it did completely catch me off guard with the explosion.  That was cool, and actually scared me.    

-Resumed wanting to smack the living hell out of Bridgette this week; all is clearly right with the universe.  

-The whole thing where Allison stood on a street corner with the kids was...extremely stupid.  

-I really loved Ariel's hair, with the thin half ponytail, and her outfit - long green shirt and black leggings.

-Aww, Joe, you're so irresistible when you get mopey about not being able to provide for your family.  Alison thinks so too.  And show, you get points for having two episodes in a row with the naked snuggling.  *\o/*
Setting the gold standard over and over for bedroom scenes, you are.  Never more tastefully handled.  (I mean, did you see that?  With me actually cheering for naked snuggling?)

-Silly Joe, it might be a good deal up front, but SUVs are gas guzzlers. Why would you replace a small little car with a giant thing like that?  That being said, I don't know why it freaks them out so much to own a car someone was killed in.  Is there any blood left?  Suspicious stains?  Any sign whatsoever that it happened?  THEN IT DOESN'T MATTER.  *rolls eyes*  And I loved how Allison was initially excited about being so high up, because that's exactly why Mom loves the minivan.  :)  (actually, I kind of love driving the minivan too, and thus understand Ariel's excitement) 

-However, after seeing it turn into the SUV of Abduction and Possible Murder, I definitely agree that it's time to sell it.  

-Loved that storyline.  As soon as I heard the guy in her dream was a model, I figured he had an innocuous reason for being in said dream, but I still had no idea where they were going with the murderer, and the elaborate setup he used to kill his wife was AWESOME.

-Megan Doyle just officially became creepy, looking far too delighted about overhearing Joe fighting with his wife (or thinking that's what she heard).

-That ending!  Oh my God, that is awesome.  Not because I am even slightly worried that Joe's actually going to cheat, but because I really want to see his reaction.  And whether or not he says anything to Allison, and also whether Megan is about to go all "hell hath no fury" and make that 51% ownership suddenly very important and worrisome.

-Allison's suspicious SUV of Possible Murder storyline sounds pretty darn interesting too.

Hey, those look suspiciously like full-blown reviews, don't they?  I assure you they are not.
'American Idol: Neil Diamond Week
OK, I didn't get any sleep last night, so I crashed at 2 PM and only my alarm woke me in time for Idol.  Where I proceeded to be too exhausted to really pay attention; I kept closing my eyes, and I nodded off a couple of times.  Here is literally every thought that ran through my head:

1) We're going to pack this into an hour?  10 songs in an hour?  Ugh.

2) I don't know any Neil Diamond songs except that he wrote "I'm a Believer," which I enjoyed in the Smashmouth version but only because it was better than most of the crap on the radio that summer.

3) Neil Diamond looks old and creepy, and I don't know why he's supposed to be so great, which makes me cranky and dislike him, as I dislike most supposedly classic singers.  That's right, young whippersnapper has no respect for her elders.  At all.

4) When I forced myself to put aside that hatred and pretend this was Jason Castro's song, I really liked "Forever in Blue Jeans."  This fit perfectly with his style; great performance, very pleasant on the ears.  He really is a fantastic performer.  Are you sure he can't win?  Because I'm pretty sure I want him to win now.  [Edit: so, I just looked up the Neil Diamond original, and...oh my God, what an awful gravelly voice!  This is horrid!  Horrid like Bob Dylan!  *clings to Jason's performance* It is a good song, but it sounds so much better in a younger, softer voice.  Which I enjoyed so much that I downloaded it.]

5) Can we have Ryan answer the interview questions every week?  This is so much greater than talking to the cringe-inducing contestants.  I like this!  Oh, also Porky Pig blah blah blah.

6) Brooke is singing "I'm a Believer"?, that's not going to work.  Why didn't Cook get this one?  I think I would have enjoyed it from him.  It would have been familiar, at least.  Brooke's rendition was just awkward and timid, and she might want to find something new to believe in, because she clearly has no faith in this one.  I love Brooke, but she didn't convince me at all.

7) Heyyy, with my eyes closed, David Archuleta is sounding really good all of a sudden.  I don't know if this is his first or second song, but he just pwned the night, vocally.  [edit: it was his second, "America," and I think it might need a re-listen from me, and possibly a download.]

8) What...why does Brooke need to change the lyrics from "New York" to "Arizona"?  It cannot possibly be that imperative to the meaning of the song.  You know what, I think Mr. Diamond does not like Brooke very much.  He seems less than impressed.  Also, the piano is nice, but I think I...fell asleep during this song.  Honestly don't know if that was my exhaustion or the song.

9) I seem to have missed Syesha entirely.  Good times! 

10) I also seem to have completely tuned out all the judges' commentary.  I think I remember hearing Simon bash Brooke and/or Jason, but I don't recall the details, and as far as I'm concerned Randy and Paula didn't speak at all. Hey, for once this week's recap might actually be helpful for learning stuff! [edit: apparently, I missed the legendary awesomeness of Paula's crazy being revealed on air.  Damn it!]. 
'Law & Order: SVU
Is there a reason this wasn't the season finale?  Because I really think it would have been an amazing season finale - and not just because the court case was taking place in late May.  It felt like a finale.  I can't imagine anything topping this case.   [edit: oh, apparently it was the big #200.  OK, that's good too.]

But I really wish the previews hadn't decided to focus on what happens in the last 10 minutes - WHY DO THEY ALWAYS DO THAT? - because not only did it ruin all the potential suspense of the first half, but the first half was so good that there was plenty to focus on besides yet another "Olivia's in peril, OH NOES" storyline.  I mean, we just had one of those.  I would think you'd want to play up the angle of MUNCH HAVING SCENES.  

Multiple scenes!  Multiple lines!  A part even bigger than Lake this week!  I nearly died from shock and joy.  And he even got to do some of his best railing about corporate America and other problems with the government, which was fantastic.  And then he was at Rook's rally!  Taking part in the pillow fight (or...whatever it was)!  Munch was gleefully flinging a feather pillow around.  I have tears of joy in my eyes just thinking about this.

But more than that, I am so ridiculously pleased with Robin Wiliams' performance, you don't even know.   Once upon a time, he was a really funny man, but lately...not so much.  Lately whenever he makes appearances on talk shows and things, he's just weird and uncomfortable, which is a shame because I have so many fond memories of him in my childhood movies (especially Jumanji).  I thought he'd be good in serious roles too, but I tried to see One Hour Photo, and I got bored within 10 minutes.  Death to Schmoopy wasn't that great either, and thus I feel underwhelmed by his "serious" roles.  But this was amazing.  I mean, that's all I can say.  He pulled off every aspect of Rook's personality with equal aplomb. 

Oh, and I loved him appearing with a live sheep - named Elliot - on TV (Stabler: You've gotta be kidding me.).  Sheep are apparently a lot bigger than I think they are.  And cuter than I remember seeing in petting zoos.  That was the best part of the episode.

Everyone everywhere seems to dislike this episode, but personally I think it was the highlight of the season.


'Results Running Commentary
45 million votes?!  Wow.  That's...getting out of control.  Anyway.  This is actually one of my favorite group sings of the season.  Not the greatest medley on its own, but the choreography was excellent, their personalities really shone through, and it was fun to listen to.  Oh, and apparently I like David A's voice now.  I don't know.  It makes me sad that nobody has a wardrobe worth paying attention to anymore, though.

Look, it's Creepy Constantine.  And Gina Glocksen, who is Great!  I cannot say whether this show of theirs sounds like a good idea or not, given the vast difference in their likability.  Whatever, I'm just happy to see Gina.  Was criminal how soon she got eliminated last year. 

Sidebar - you know, it's funny, TV Squad has this thing where they talk about the eliminated (from Top 12 on) contestants of every past year each week, and even though I could swear I didn't pay any attention to seasons 3-5, and 1 and 2 were LONG ago, I still recognize every single face.  That's how permeating this show is.

Awww, Paula's part of their family and they love her.  That's sweet, Ryan, and OH!  Very-close-to-lips cheek kissing from Simon!  My night is made. 

JASON SAFE!  I have sudden and renewed hope that his fan base might actually send him to Top 2.  Also, if anyone other than Syesha goes home tonight,  I shall be cranky.

Seriously, guys, WATCH SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.  It is so much more exciting than Idol, despite Mary's inability to shut up.  Just make good use of your mute button whenever she opens her mouth.  Oh, God, I've missed dancing.  Good dancing, not that hideous celebrity ballroom show.  And I'm so happy Sabra didn't make an appearance in that clip video.  *still hates her*  I love Nigel, though.  He's great.

Oh, way to get my hopes up, show.  I was so excited when I thought Porky Pig might actually be in the bottom 2, and then you took that away.  Cruelty!

Wow, I think Natasha Bedingfield is the closest this show has ever come to snagging an artist from my preferred demographic of (current) female singer-songwriters.  Pity she's never quite struck a chord with me.  This song is better than "Unwritten"(which was great until the horrid gospel choir came in and destroyed it; the other one was dull), and I think maybe if I heard it on a regular basis I might kinda like it, but it's not exactly Instant Song Love.  *is bored with 'Pocket Full of Sunshine'*

Oh God, audience questions, whyyyy are you bringing the horrible EMBARRASSMENT?  ...OK, I take that back.  This is actually kind of awesome. Simon's first kiss!  Age 9!  Heeeeee, this is so great.  I just, I think love this question even more than the one about Kristy Lee's horse.  Maybe this segment is worth it for the 2% of the time the questions are the greatest thing ever.  I cannot stop giggling!  This is enchanting!  Simon's reaction/expressions/comments are hilarious!

P.S. I like the warning for the kids watching that "9 years old is too young to kiss."  So true!  I would like to state for the record that when I was in elementary school, I was fully aware that kissing was a grown up activity you shouldn't do until you were at least 14.  And no, I had not confused kissing with sex.  Kept this attitude 'til I was 13, too.

"Try and catch  the wind!"  Oh my, I think I've actually heard this song before!  Probably in a commercial, or maybe a Simpsons music montage.  Excellent Ford video, though.  I especially liked the small clip with Jason and Brooke singing together, and renewed my hopes for them in the final 2, because they looked amazing together.  I expect this hope to be dashed in approximately 11 minutes.

Wow, Neil Diamond is really not even one tenth as great as Idol tried to portray him. eye is open much wider than the other, which is strange and unsettling.  And WOW, his mother is still alive?  Oh my God, she must be like 100 years old.

Hope: *is dashed*
DAMN IT.  WHY IS SYESHA IN THE TOP FOUR.  Waaaah, Brooke, noooooooo!  I'm not surprised, but I'm still cranky.  Now all I've got going for me is Jason Castro.  And I don't even want to see her botch this last song, so I'm switching off the TV now.
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