July 22nd, 2006


Eye Bleach. NOW.

I decided to make this my "David Caruso" weekend.  Hunted up MeeVee and tagged everything with his name on it...he has a surprising number of TV appearances in this 48-hour timeframe.  I taped Proof of Life last night and was watching it this morning, when at 11:45 I went "WAIT A SEC, isn't NYPD Blue on today at like, 2?"  Checked, and sure enough it was on AT 11.  Eeek!  I flipped over, was distracted and slightly annoyed by the New York accent, but firmly hooked by him hugging some random dark-haired woman on the steps (whom eventually I figure out that I recognize from "Judging Amy").  As I am always looking for scenes to flesh out my Horatio and Marisol stories, blurred vision gives me something better than Miami ever did.  And then another episode starts, so I settle in to watch, never dreaming what horrors await me... 

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