January 16th, 2007


House: Words and Deeds

Shut up, Tritter.  You know, Horatio had an idiot addict of a brother who disappointed him and lied on numerous occasions, and somehow he refrains from being a twat to everyone who doesn’t do exactly as he wants.  He manages to remain a good cop.  LEARN FROM HIM.

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See you in 3 weeks (well, 2 weeks now), when Idol finally decides it’s had enough fun flaunting its success and lets all the regular shows come back to their timeslots.

P.S. I got to watch this episode at home with my family - House is the only show that both my parents and I all agree is totally awesome.  (they sucked me into it in the first place) My dad apparently LOVES the song that played over the ending credits of this ep – “Season of the Witch.”  He recognized it from the first strains of guitar, and afterwards went on for about 10 minutes about how this was an amazing song and the guy that sang it (Donovan) is SO underappreciated…