January 25th, 2007



Never one with the most stable of mental healths, this semester crash-landed on my head, and due to a variety of circumstances, I'm taking some time off from school.  Will be back in the fall, but from Feb-August I'll be living back home and trying to rebuild my brain.  On plus side, dog.  On minus side, no *sniffles* beautiful crystal-clear cable access.  Terribly icky fuzzy dark antenna reception instead.  Damn, I am going to miss appreciating CSI Miami in all its full-color splendor. 

Sigh.  Well, I'm not moving out until Tuesday, so tomorrow after I go around talking to various offices and collecting signatures on my little "withdrawal" form, I'll try to seal myself inside a happy little bubble and manufacture some happy, television-related entries before I go home and start job-hunting.
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