February 15th, 2007


In which I discuss various TV-related things, none of them the shows on my "to-write" list.

First of all, I miss Standoff so badly that I am now having *dreams* which involve me seeing *previews* for the next new episode.  And if you are familiar with my O.C. rantviews, then you know that I have been reduced to getting my Ron Livingston fix from cell phone commercials.  This is pathetic.  BRING MY SHOW BACK NOW! Die, Wedding Bells.  And Drive.  And any other show which gets on the air before March 31st, though none of them are actually as instantly repulsive as the first one.

Second of all, I watched American Idol last night.  There's nothing else on Wednesdays at 8 anymore!  *cries*  Actually, I watched because I'm home, and it's my mom's favorite show, and it's actually fun to watch it with her.  We trade all kinds of good insight & insults.  Last night we hung out in my room and watched it on my TV, which is the newest of the five in the house and therefore has the most awesome reception.  I don't know why the age of a TV has an influence on antenna reception, but it does.  

She loves the show because she likes to hear good singers.  As I am mostly incapable of telling great from the poor side of average, and completely incapable of telling whether someone is sharp or flat, I enjoy being 100% focused on the peoples' looks, and second-most interested in their personalities.  So my question is this: WHERE HAVE ALL THE HOT GUYS GONE?? I'm at the official website, and here come my first impressions of everybody.

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And now for something truly random!

The other day, somebody was whining about Lost changing timeslots, and how there was no way they could comprehend mythology at 5 minutes to 11.  And I started thinking about this strange phenomenon in the Eastern and Mountain time zones whereby the last primetime shows air at 10:00.  I mean, I've always KNOWN about it because of the previews saying things like "starting at 8, 7 central," but I never stopped to consider what that meant.  It's almost like those blended into two words, like "Eightseven" was just another way to say "7 o'clock." 

But I have as much trouble wrapping my brain around it as I do the Church's idea that God is one being somehow existing in three separate forms.  I mean, ten o'clock, meaning it doesn't end until 11 PM!  Like, how ridiculously late is that?  Nights are over at 10 PM.  Most stores close and the news comes on.  11:00 sounds so silly, I can't believe that's really how it works for half the country.  It makes me wonder if those people look at my zone and wonder how we can start our TV night so freakishly early.