February 16th, 2007


Luxury is when you can make talking about TV feel like homework.

For example, when I look at my to-do list and, after doing such important things as going out to practice driving (today: 50 MPH!  And pulling into a parking space!), I gasp "RS!  There are five shows on your tapes which aired more than 24 hours ago that other people have posted about, but you have not!  You are behind and must begin writing immediately!  Step 1, watch show.  Step 2, ponder show and decide how to open review.  Step 3, list major highlights and/or lowlights, reaction to plot overall, and character moments and/or quotes.  Step 4, arrange these points in clear and effective manner.  Step 5, mix in squeeing so as not to confuse post with the kind of article people get paid to write.  Now go!  PEOPLE ARE WAITING!  "

Only they're not, and I'm certainly not getting any credit or money or recognition for writing this blog.  I could just as easily write "OMG SQUEE HODGINS IS SO CUTE!" for three pages, or not post altogether, and no one would care.   But then, I would not have a fantastic archival of TV thoughts to flip through like a virtual book.  I love reading and rereading my old notebook journals (the ones that actually talk about what's happening in my life, in great illustrative detail).  Sadly, since my handwritten journaling effectively collapsed at the end of last spring after seven and a half straight years of writing (for no discernible reason, really), this is as close as I've got to daily writing practice and/or a record of my personal thoughts. Plus on the occasion that I do the slightly more analytical stuff, I like to pretend it is prepping me for when I have to take the required course for my major called "Writing Essays."  I know it's not - don't bother pointing it out - but most of the time I live in fantasy.  It's my method for trying not to feel guilty when I read about everybody else's struggles with school and classes and homework, things which I have postponed until September.

The point is, LJ is a shiny and insulated oasis from all that!  Where I get to pretend I'm smart & important!  On to the shows.  

Dear House: Grey's Anatomy already showcased the child-who-doesn't-feel-pain.  Both of you, incidentally, were eclipsed at least a year ago by a story on the local news, so this is all old hat to me. 

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Law & Order: SVU: UM.  I want to write a really long and terrific post, but I am having trouble focusing.  On the bright side, I have a feeling that

stunt_muppet will write a great review and probably say all the stuff I wanted to say anyway.  I will probably come back to it later, but for the moment, since SVU is kind of in that B-range of my shows, I’d rather discuss Lost and Bones and Detective Flack CSI: NY.


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Dear Kristine Huntley:

I'm glad to see that you have stopped referring to Detective Angell as "blending into the scenery" and are rightfully describing her as "sharp" and "smart."  But you do not need to simultaneously insult Lindsay twice in the same review. Describing her as "lifeless" and "an albatross" is really, really starting to cross the line.  We get that you don't like her. But SHE'S NOT EVEN HERE.  There's no better time for you to just hold your tongue and refrain from mentioning her at all.

Really should learn to just avoid CSI Files reviews altogether.