February 18th, 2007


Why Spoilers Are Awesome

All of this discussion about spoilers (especially the fabled "episode 18") on sugah66's journal are making me twitchy and in need of finding out what happens in upcoming eps of CSI: NY.  She's spoiler free, but I'm a spoiler WHORE, and here is why:

1) I'm a curious person.  I hate not knowing, being in the dark.  If somone knows something, I wanna know.  (why yes, I do love gossip!  Have any dirt?) Knowledge is power!

2) Hearing news is a good pick-me-up during the weekends, or during rerun weeks when you're bored out of your skull.

3) If it's something bad, I need to know as soon as possible so that I have adequate time to stomp and rage about it and otherwise prepare myself for when I actually see it happen.  Reduces the stress level to take it in pieces - hear about it first, see it later.  I don't do well with shock.  I don't like being shocked.

4) If it's something good, I want as much time as possible to daydream ways it might unfold on screen.  Good tidbits will provide me with endless pre-sleep thoughts that help lull me into dreamland.  Knowing something good is coming, for example a GSR tidbit, also helps when you're suffering through weeks of boring episode going "when was the last time they talked to each other?  Did they break up when I wasn't paying attention?" 

5) Even if the promised good doesn't occur, and I'm disappointed, knowing that they were at least considering it makes me happy in the long run.  It provides me with an image for my daydreams that I wouldn't have had otherwise.  It's not unlike reading a snippet of fan fic. 

I get behind on my spoilers with this show, because the only place I know where to get them is Talk CSI and there are just too many pages of discussion on the spoiler thread, most of them complaining about Lindsay.  I don't know if I feel up to braving that just now.  In conclusion, I am off to go scout this awesome-sounding place on tv.com

*10 minutes later* ASDJFLASDJFLKSD!!  Oh man, this place is officially my new spoiler source for CSI NY.  No scrolling through 10 pages of Lindsay hate looking for the tidbits; here they're all nicely grouped together on the first page of posts. 

And now that I know all the pertinent details of upcoming episodes (a word here which means "pertaining to Danny and/or Lindsay"), it is time to flail with delight.  You may click this link and read them yourself.  I would discuss my reactions to them, but I'm not up to that yet.    Oh my.  I feel faint.

Medicine & Math

(honestly, do I ever group my shows the same way two weeks in a row?)

ER: Crisis of Conscience
Someone needs to provide me with access to detailed spoilers for this show ASAP, because I SUCK at predicting things and it's making me feel stupid.

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Grey's Anatomy: Ferry Disaster, part 2
Um.  Where do I even start?  The good parts were comparatively better than the good parts of last episode, but the as a whole it didn't seem as good as part 1, so I'm...conflicted on whether to make a happy face or a sad face.  Guess we better divide by categories.
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Numb3rs: Was that a...was that a David-centric episode I just saw??  No way!
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