April 16th, 2007


Unimpressive Sunday night shows/Cold Case

Hah...I almost forgot that Drive premiered last night.  Does this mean I will stop seeing those same damned previews 729 times per week while trying to watching American Idol and House?  YAY.  My reasons for not watching this show are threefold:
  1. Nathan Fillion is not nearly hot enough to warrant flailing, swooning, or in fact recognition of any sort.  He has small eyes and a large nose.
  2. As far as I can tell from the previews, it's a cross-country drag race.  Which sounds like a guys' show; like a lot of...ACTION and CARS, both of which usually just make me want to roll my eyes.  And most of the people appear to be in it against their will, but I cannot figure out a) what kind of person would consider it entertainment to force people into that situation, or b) why these people agree to participate at all instead of calling friendly local and/or federal law enforcement.
  3. ACTION.  And CARS.
Uh-oh...Spy's recapping it at popculturejunkies.com therecapist.com.  It's hard to resist her captioned pictures.  Really hard.  I would probably watch America's Next Top Model to see her recaps afterwards.  Maybe I can get by with just reading, and not watching.

You know what else was on last night?  An episode of Without a Trace that was so remarkably underwhelming, I kept forgetting what show I was watching.  I can't remember the last time I had absolutely nothing to say about an episode.  You'd think a missing stuntman would be more interesting.  Hah. 
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