May 8th, 2007


Last week before the finale flood starts

Someday. Someday I am going to find people who care about Cold Case as much as I do. Which admittedly isn't a whole lot. Until then, I'll just talk to myself about the finale. Do I still need to put it behind a cut? Oh, I guess so. I feel like maybe I should actually go back and watch the whole episode before I write about it, but...nah. That part can't possibly be relevant compared to what I want to talk about.
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Without a Trace was kind of a letdown after that, given that their real finale isn't airing until...WTF Thursday in its old timeslot, and thank goodness I've got 2 TVs, because that puts it up against ER and neither one airs online. Anyway, it was a good episode to watch with my parents (read: nothing to squee about). Liked the storyline of the girl going missing from Prom, but there was nothing really worth noting except for Jack and Viv's amusing bet over whether or not the suspect had locked himself in his trunk. And I suppose
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CSI Miami, "Kill Switch"
Hel-lo, was that two good episodes in a row? Voice, I'm scared, hold me.  Okay, it wasn't quite on par with last week's, and nowhere near the level of "this time last year," but I still thought it was pretty solid.  Even asshattery can be entertaining if one focuses on the emotional effect of the fallout enough.

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