May 18th, 2007


CSI:NY, 3.24, "Snow Day"

Uh, let's see...given that it took me 3 full hours to start calming down Wednesday night, and I've been intermittently writing this post about 2 paragraphs at a time since then, it should hardly be surprising that this is the longest review I've ever written of a single episode of any TV show.  Ever. 

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I made myself go to bed last night, but sleep is not going to happen tonight since I am a) newly keyed up from talking about this show, b) sulking about Lost, and c) sulking about CSI.  Hm, whatever shall I do with all this energy...

You know what the second best part of my week was? American Idol.

Because MELINDA WENT HOME.  I feel it's important to put that up front, because it is just the most INCREDIBLE news ever, and HAH!  HAH!  HAH!  I told you she was not ZOMG FANTASTIC, didn't I?  Didn't I??
Voice: To be fair, you also told them Antonella and Sanjaya were heaven on earth, so you can understand why they might not trust your judgment.
RS: Oh, Voice.  It's like we're Ryan and Simon!  *pause* Without the slashy subtext.
V: *bats eyelashes* I'm perfectly open-minded.  And it's surpassed "sub" by now. 
RS: *kicks* 

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Lost 3.23, "Greatest Hits"

First, is there anybody on my flist who is a fan of both Lost *and* at least one CSI show? I don't think there are, which mystifies me; most of the Lost fans I've picked up come with American Idol and/or Grey's Anatomy inclinations, while the CSI people mostly only branch out to Supernatural if they're feeling a need for something that bends the planes of reality. This paragraph does have a point - right now, I'm jealous of people who have one or the other, as Wednesday night left me emotionally exhausted. CSI:NY took me to dizzying heights, and then I made the mistake of watching Lost afterwards, which brought me crashing back down. Way down.

Second, you should know that last Friday, after resisting for days upon days, I caved and clicked on the spoiler to learn Charlie's fate. Then on Tuesday, I clicked on the "MASSIVE SYNOPSIS SPOILERS" for not only this episode but also the two-hour finale. So I'm going to vent my reactions to those spoilers first, and then continue on with the review as if I hadn't seen them.

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*falls down dead* Is the TV season over yet?  This week was murder on my blood pressure.  I am pretty sure that I will actually need the whole summer to recover from all the shocks.
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