May 28th, 2007


RS leaves a review, hilarity (according to her, anyway) ensues

Seeing as I want to get another batch of fic recs out at some point in the near future, I figured t'was time to start actually reviewing the things I wanted to include on that list.  As usual, this resulted in a few review replies, but I also a got a PM from one of the authors.  "OH and OH MY GOD did you used to belong to a message board called 'Ishida Insanity' because... I feel like I remember your alias from somewhere, and you seem to be into Digimon..."

AH!  Ishida Insanity (aptly named, for both the character it was arguably about as well as the majority of its content) was the most fantastic message board my immature 8th grade self could have asked for.  This is where I got my start in internet fandom, people.  This is where I met other crazy fans and squealed at length over animated characters and made crazy lists and participated in a whole lot of other hyperactivity I can't even remember anymore.  This is also where I gained most of my initial internet fanbase for the Interview Lady series.  I stopped actively posting there in 2001 and my last visit was at least five years ago, but in its heydey it was to me what Live Journal is now; to find somebody else who remembers it, especially someone that I remember talking to on very, very cool.

And that's reason #458 that I can't let go of my alias.  There's always the chance of connecting with an old acquaintance.
In other news, my former RA found my lost flash drive in early April, and despite extremely delayed communications between the two of us, I think it finally, finally, FINALLY got put in the mail at the end of last week.  This drive contains the entirety of my creative pursuits from Christmas-the end of January, and I am looking forward to finally having a couple of my stories back.  It put me in such a good mood that I even dragged out a bit of the work I have sitting on this computer.  I made snail's progress on part 2 of Clockwork Silence, but I did manage to smooth out a lot of the less-than-pretty wording as well as come up with an ending line, which is more significant than it sounds.  Now that I have the entire outline for that part, I just need to fill in three chunks in the middle and clean up a few spots in the middle, and it'll be good.