June 2nd, 2007


Because clearly I prefer hunting fic to actually writing it these days...

Fic Recs V
Same guidelines as before apply; you may want to refresh your memory.  I suppose I should also point out that I do not bother with things like ratings, because you can assume that everything is T/PG-13 or lower, and I shall warn you in the summary of anything slash or potentially squicky.  The fact that it took me three months to come up with a decent handful of stories, and kept wanting to choose multiple stories from the same authors, means that either the percentage of bad!fic has spiked recently, or I got so fed up with the bad!fic everywhere that I became stubborn and unwilling to browse for new stories once I found an author I liked.  Possibly both.  Maybe things will get better over the summer?

Fandoms Represented: X-Files, Without a Trace, Lost, O.C., CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Numb3rs, NCIS, Pirates of the Caribbean
Total Stories: 23

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And now, it's your turn.  I cannot survive the summer on a diet of reality television and Standoff alone, and I'm beginning to think I will never recapture my temporarily restored love for fic-writing, at least not with the same zeal and drive I had last year.  Ergo, I shall amuse myself by reading fic.  But it gets very tiresome, trying to think of keywords to tap into LJ, or digging at the Pit.  Not that I won't still do it, I'd just like to try something else today.

So - recommend me stories.  Any fandoms, really.  The ones I have here and/or the ones I talk about on a regular basis are a good start, and I'd really love you if by some miracle you came up with a good Danny/Lindsay oneshot that wasn't saccharine enough to make me choke, but I will read anything that you assure me made you laugh, cry, and/or read multiple times over.  You don't have to write me lengthy paragraphs of explanation (although a sentence would be nice), just...give me some links.  I know you have favorites.  Cough 'em up.

Please?  *puppy dog eyes*