June 5th, 2007


Of summertime fandom

Last year I immersed myself in learning the canon and fandom lore of CSI: Miami, the year before that it was Lost and CSI. This year it would have been CSI: NY, but I did most of my catch-up from January-May, and now I feel sort of lost, not having a series to get wrapped up in. And so it seems that my summer 2007 interest will be Harry Potter.

Not that I haven't been reading the series from the start, mind, but I steered far clear of the explosive obsession that swept the world. The books were plenty to keep me occupied; I had no desire to visit Muggle Net or even Rowling's official site, or seek out venues for discussion, and I certainly wasn't going to bother with fanfic, which undoubtedly was at least 85% pure crap and another 10% that was decently written in general but laughable compared to the original series, making the remaining 5% very difficult to find indeed, and probably not worth the effort to try.

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