June 6th, 2007



Excerpt from Eva LaRue interview, which I normally wouldn't have read except that it was titled "The Orange Show" which I found FAR too unintentionally hilarious to pass up:

On a more serious note, LaRue addressed something that the fans have noticed when watching Miami: the colors. "They actually have our wardrobe designer design each show around a certain color scheme," she explained. "So it could be an orange, yellow and blue show; it could be a purple, pink and white show. You never know." The scheme that is chosen is used for the entire cast, including the extras [But not David Caruso, of course.]. LaRue explained that viewers could see everyone wearing those colors if they looked in the background. For example, she said that the extras could be "wearing yellow and orange and maybe, like, this splash of blue or something." [--borrowed from CSI Files]

Ah hah hah hah...and here I thought it was just something they did subconsciously, and eventually someone would open wardrobe's eyes to what they were doing, which would be followed by embarassed looks and a hasty end to the madness.  Apparently not.  *clutches head*

God, this show doesn't have to revel in its reputation for cheesiness.  I am really beginning to miss Dark Miami from season 1.  At the very least, could we please transplant a person or two from the CSI: NY set to show them how to dress their people properly? 
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*falls over dead* You know what, it took such a freaking long time that I can't even bring myself to care about the fact that I got my license today. 

No wait, that's a lie.  I care just enough to write another great big post about the details, and how after about half a dozen bad omens I was sure it wasn't going to happen.

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Bottom line: I CAN LEGALLY DRIVE BY MYSELF.  And my brother finished driver's ed classes a week ago but still hasn't taken his permit test, which rocks because that really was my ultimate goal in the first place: be able to drive by myself before my brother (who is 6 years younger) could start practicing.

[ETA: Blanket thank-you to everyone!  I especially like the balloons.  :)]