June 12th, 2007


S.P.E.W.: Justice or Insanity?

Mere days after joining, I am debating my continued visitation of [info]hp_essays.  At first it looked like a brilliant place to read all kinds of well-thought-out analysis of various topics in the Harry Potter books, but the most recent post made me want to bash my head against a wall.  Reminding me once again why I never bothered to dabble in fandom before now.

I ignored it for a whole 24 hours, but it still bugs.  And because posting this entry will hopefully also purge from memory the discussion found elsewhere involving teacher/student 'ships (one of the unavoidable hazards in my quest to find regular fandom discussion, I guess)...I'll consider it killing two birds with one stone to pose you this question, prompted by the aforementioned community:

Are house elves unjustly used as slaves, or is Hermione just a touch off her rocker?

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And now to distract you with something shiny and completely unrelated...reading list!  And movie list!   Finally decided they would be quicker and easier to update them online than in their usual handwritten form, with the added bonus of being publicly viewable.  Peruse and be euphoric.