June 13th, 2007


Stupid dog.

Doesn't so much as sniff in the general direction of the fresh-baked pie so long as people are milling about downstairs.  The moment one goes upstairs and the other goes outside, however (the second person having foolishly left it sitting atop the stove), she takes advantage of the deserted rooms and proceeds to gorge herself on rhubarb pie until she's sick.

Apparently we get complacent, given that she never begs for food except to strategically position herself flat on the floor beside the table during mealtimes, but Kym will always take advantage of any unguarded food, wrappers, or dirty dishes within her reach if she can get away with it unseen.  Admittedly, it's been quite while since she got into something that big, but still. 

On a more positive note, T minus 4 hours until Pirates!  Is Elizabeth less rampantly horny in this one?  Because that was one of the things I most hated about Dead Man's Chest.  I remember sitting in the theater, silently flailing OMG KIDS' MOVIE STOP MENTIONING WEDDING NIGHTS! 

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RS: Is sulking in corner, alternately wailing and cursing everyone she can think of.

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[Edit: BLAST IT ALL TO HELL, in the midst of all the excitement I forgot to set my tape for So You Think You Can Dance. I watch three shows a week in the summer, and I miss one of them. I hate today.]

[Double edit: Ooh, found shiny new icon.  Am also feeling duly placated after having [found multiple people who share] [info]ashields124's [potentially] game-changing interpretation.  Now just have to wade through...*shudder* over 40 pages...of fic at the Pit to find a few gems, and I'll be ready to get on with the squeeing. I've also decided that I am most definitely gonna have to go to this one again.  That's the loophole in my rule, you see; in lieu of 4 unique movies, I can choose repeat viewings.  It will be well worth it.]