June 14th, 2007


I don't care about So You Think You Can Dance. Except when I do.

For example, last night, being in a state of emotional collapse over a certain well-known movie, I was not in the mood to hear Mary Murphy laugh and scream on at least ten separate occasions.  Meaning I didn't so much watch the dance show as tape (the last 2/3 of) it.  And then fast-forward through all of it, upon realizing that I didn't give a rip about any of the dancers, with the notable exception of "OMG NEIL + LAUREN = OTP!  How fantastic is it that my two favorites are paired together??  They lack sufficient chemistry to make them Benjelle 2.0, but as I don't think anybody else can accomplish that level of chemistry, I will settle for the pretties dancing together, because they do have a certain flair.  Happy happy, joy joy!"

And then I noticed that Lacey and Kameron are paired together..."Blech.  Fitting, though, putting my two least favorites together.  Now I'll always be able to skip their segments entirely, at least until one of them's voted off."  It took me about 13 minutes to go through the hour and 20 minutes of footage I had.  I just didn't care.

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