June 20th, 2007


Excitement of the Day:

Discovering that we own Rowling's two supplementary books to the Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages.  I completely forgot that when my brother went through his Harry Potter obsession (which, like most of his other obsessions, lasted one year and then completely vanished), Mom bought those for him for Christmas.  Found 'em squished into the far end of the bookshelf this morning, and gleefully proceeded to devour them.  I can't believe I never read these in full before.

Admittedly, they could do without the quasi-meta "notes from Dumbledore" forewards, which make it slightly too surreal for my brain to take in (couldn't Rowling just have had her OWN note explaining Comic Relief U.K., instead of trying to claim these to be mass-produced copies of, respectively, one of Harry's books and one of the Hogwarts library books?  Does that mean the Harry Potter series exists in Harry's world, too?  And wouldn't that contradict the other claim in the foreward, that all the events described herein are totally fictional, as far as Muggles need be concerned, and in no way real??  *HEAD --> SPLODEY*).

Nevertheless!  For being such flimsy thin paperbacks they contain a good deal of information and are vastly entertaining; their only fault is that there aren't more of them.  You know, forget trying to convince Rowling to write further sequels, or prequels (which, fortunately, I believe she has no plans to make) - what she needs to do, at some point in her life, is create encyclopedic references containing all the information she's imagined as backstory that never made it into the books, and/or new things she thinks up while compiling such information, whether on the characters themselves or the wizarding world in general.  I imagine it would be the greatest thing ever.  I also imagine I will be vastly disappointed when this never comes to fruition.
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