June 27th, 2007


Yes. This is my third day in a row of meme postage.

But I justify it with the fact that I write paragraphs for nearly all the answers, which makes it almost like a blog post.  If you prefer, think of it as me waxing rhapsodically on my history with Harry Potter.   Survey nicked off Xanga somewhere.  Xanga people don't do credit.

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Later we will be discussing the first CSI: Miami spoilers of the season.  Later, like when I can do something other than scream incoherently whenever I think about them.

On an unrelated note, o listeners of Regina Spektor, what are your favorite songs by her?  Although I was captivated by "Samson" last year and eventually decided I liked "Fidelity" too, I only just decided to see about finding more of her music.  As of yesterday I am wholly obsessed with both "Buildings" and "Braille."  What other songs should I add to my playlist?