June 29th, 2007


The Office - Initial Thoughts

Despite all the effort and fighting involved in setting tapes lately, I've been letting my reality shows roll to tape.  As such, for the past couple of weeks I've had the Office marathons turned on and been half-watching them while at the computer.  I've never watched this show because a) I'm not a big fan of comedies, b) this particular comedy seemed rather cut-and-dried boring, and c) it's in the Gladiator Timeslot, which means it is always beaten out by CSI and/or The O.C. and/or Grey's Anatomy and/or summer reality shows.

But since apparently everyone on the internet watches it, over the months I'd gleaned a few things.  Steve Carell played a central character named Mike, the weird guy's name was Dwight, and there was some often-mentioned character named Jim who was at the center of a national controversy, split along battle lines of which ship you support - Jim/Karen or Jim/Pam.  It also seemed that Kim was canon and Jam was not, although the latter could probably be considered pending, in the manner of Mulder/Scully.  And Pam was played by an extraordinarily lovely and sweet-looking woman named Jenna Fischer, and for that reason alone I figured I would probably fall on the Jam side of things.  If I cared.

Last week I saw about 45 or 50 minutes worth of the block, not consecutively, but last night was the first time I watched two episodes back-to-back the whole way through.  Last week the only storyline I paid attention to was Jim walking out with Karen at the end of the night, and Pam looking kind of forlorn upon seeing it.  Based upon that, and the few ramblings I'd skimmed without context from TV Squad and LJ reviews, my understanding of this whole triangle - and bear in mind that this is based entirely off the impression I got from secondhand internet talk, and never looked up any information on this show - was that Jim and Pam were friends, and had been friends for a long time without ever being a couple, but in the current timeline she liked him a great deal, he was oblivious, and she was too shy to do anything about it, even though she wanted to.

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