July 27th, 2007


What's that? Is it a...a NON-HARRY-POTTER POST??

I think it is!  Crazy!  Well, it took me a week to prepare to read the book, so it stands to reason that it would take me a week to wind down from the aftermath.  It was a weird feeling, not being able to think about anything except the wizarding world, given the way during the school year I juggle about 15 TV series at once.  Having only one fandom at a time is not fun.  Not at all. 

Anyway, on to the parts that aren't about Harry Potter.  My beloved "Pirate Master" got canceled without warning, even though there were five episodes to go.  I raged and stormed for a while, shrieking about how I needed to know who won, and finally found out that they're going to show the remaining episodes as planned, but only online.  Which sucks.  Because the CBS video player routinely craps out on this computer, dissolving into stop-motion action and robot-speak, making it impossible to watch.  So...I guess commentary on that show's over for the summer.

So You Think You Can Dance, fortunately, is still going strong.  Which is good, since it's the only thing I'm watching from now until mid-September.

Pre-Dance Blather:
-Mia's on the judging panel!  As much as I love her routines, I love her on the panel even more.  She is second only to Nigel in terms of being my favorite critiquer.  My love for her is just off the charts. 

-This show has the best theme song ever.  And I mean both the actual theme song + credits, and the opening of the show where each dancer gets five seconds in the spotlight for introduction.

-What is not the best thing ever is the way Cat always lets the crowd shout "judges!" for her when she introduces them.  It's becoming very irritating.

-Every time I hear a commercial for "No Reservations," I come racing into the room and glue myself to the screen.  I'm starting to think I need to make that my fourth movie, rather than "Enchanted," because...one, I love Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Two, I am a sucker for "woman gets stuck raising child that's not hers, simultaneously falls in love with guy who loves them both" stories.  And three, Abigail Breslin is such an adorable little girl that she single-handedly makes me rethink not wanting children  - and I haven't even seen her in a movie yet.

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