August 5th, 2007


It is I! Rainbow Stevie! Returned from the North Shore!

And relieved to tell you I have been nowhere near any dangerous bridge collapses. Do you realize that ever since I was a little kid, one of my three irrational fears has been bridges breaking? Every time I go over a river, I get ridiculously tense and on edge, imagining suddenly plunging into the water, until we’re safely on the other side. Having such a thing actually happen, especially in more-or-less my hometown, is damn terrifying.

I may or may not go into more detail about my vacation in the future; right now I’ll just say that the highlight was visiting the Glensheen estate (because historic homes will never stop being utterly fascinating to me), and the lowlight was pulling my feet out of where they’d been dabbling in Lake Superior to find a leech clamped on my toe. The other highlight, of course, was picking up my dog, whose reaction upon seeing me was so desperate that it was about on par with a child bursting into tears and throwing its arms around its mother.

I’d share my whole collection of trip photos, but the scanner did horrible things to the color and clarity, especially after I tried to shrink them to a manageable size. So instead I will just leave you with this one passable-when-cropped picture of me, in which I am photogenic (an increasingly rare occurrence) and which has subsequently become my new favorite portrait.

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Now, on to what I really wanted to do: my reality TV reviews.
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And finally, because I CAN, I'm posting a fun meme lifted from[info]kimberkatie

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