August 14th, 2007


Life & Dancing

Two things happened on my bike ride yesterday...the good part was when I almost ran right over what I thought was a wood chip or possibly an overlarge grasshopper in my path, only to steer aside at the last second when I realized it was a baby snapping turtle.  The parking lot seemed like a less-than-desirable place for the little guy, who was barely 3 inches long, so I moved him farther in the direction he was heading, safe in the grass beside the lake.  But first I held him in my hand for a few minutes, marveling at how cute and perfect he was.  Poor baby didn't even move, he just crouched there, blinking.   Baby snapping turtles are utterly adorable!

The bad part was when, just a few blocks from home, I veered too far to the right and my bike wheel skidded off the sidewalk and into a rut between sidewalk and grass, causing it to spin out of control and crash.  As I pitched forward, my heavy backpack full of books flew up and gave me an extra thump of momentum towards the concrete, where I broke my fall between left knee and right hand (mostly the latter) with the bike on top of me.  It didn't feel that bad at the time, other than stinging like a bitch, but I now have a massive lump forming a huge bruise just below the knee, and in addition to my scraped/bloodied palm, my hand & wrist are swollen and stiff.  Last night I could barely even flex it and couldn't lift anything heavier than a small bottle of water.  It's a bit better this morning, but still limited in mobility.  I can still type, thankfully, although the keys farther right than "i-k-m" aren't as easy to hit.  I'm hoping it's nothing more than a strain, and will go away on its own in a few days.

But, despite my inability to grip a writing utensil last night for note-taking purposes, I will not let that keep me from my running commentary on SYTYCD's belated results show!

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