August 17th, 2007


It's overrrr...*sobs* [that's right, I'm doing all 4 hours of dance show finale at once.]

First order of business: if you feel like going to see The Invasion, pay attention to the kid in the movie.  He's from my hometown.  And he took classes at my dance studio before turning to acting.

Real order of business: *clings to dance show* No!  Even though I spent half the summer yelling at it, I don't want to give it up!  Somewhere along the way (what was it, week 3 or 4 of the partnerships?) I actually started to care about these guys nearly as much as the season 2 crew...and it's been great fun tuning in every week.  Survivor is entertaining and American Idol can be a moderately amusing diversion, but this is the only reality show I love as much as scripted drama.  Simon's caustic remarks and sniping with Paula/Ryan were fun at first, but what I love about this show is that it's overwhelmingly positive.  I love the familiar choreographers that come in to support the dancers, Cat's sunny personality, the fact that the judges are almost more like coaches, really, giving critique where it's due but inclined to encourage rather than tear down...and of course, there's the fact that it's full of choreographed dancing, my one true extracurricular love. 

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Commercial Commentary 5, outside the cut because it's relevant now that LJ has introduced those related V-gifts: Diet Pepsi Max, now with MORE CAFFEINE!  Because I was just saying to myself, "With all those studies about how healthy excess caffeine is, I would love to be able to cram more of it into my fizzy beverage of choice!"   I don't get how that marketing campaign is working.  If anything, it makes me feel like I should think twice about purchasing pop at all.  I mean, the way I see it, that's like advertising fast food burgers by saying "Now with MORE FAT for extra flavor!"
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