August 19th, 2007


The Nervous Freshman's Guide to Surviving College

I wrote this two years ago for some of my younger friends, encompassing everything I wished someone had told me before I got shipped off to college (something I'd been dreading for a solid year). Having neither older siblings nor older friends, I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare for it, other than an overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear of the unknown.  Published material was even less help, since it all seemed to focus mainly on how to negotiate unbearable roommates, sex, and alcohol, none of which I anticipated being a factor in my life, much less a problem.  (for the record, I was right)   So, from the wise perspective of an upcoming sophomore, I created my own brief guide for people who were shy little wallflowers like me.  

Although the majority of my flist here is already out of high school, I personally could do with reminding of a few of these points.  (Voice: Like the PACK EARLY one?) Plus,  there's the whole wide internet full of search engine people.  And LJ is very slow this weekend.  Thus, I feel it warrants a posting.  I really want to be posting Harry Potter fic recs, but since I seem to have developed an aversion to writing the necessary reviews first, you get this instead.      

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