August 21st, 2007


Question, Squee Factor, Memeage, and Pirate Master x2

In other words, "a very crowded posting."  As always.

1. Question: How annoying are the advertisements if I upgrade to a Plus account?  Because I would really like just a touch more userpic space, as well as the ability to post polls - I've been debating a paid account, but the marginal benefits of that versus Plus don't seem worth the cost, unless the ads are extremely distracting.

2. Squee Factor: I decided to look at the actual detailed course description of my English classes in the booklet, versus just what I know in general from the course title, and turns out I misread it - unlike the class I was temporarily in during January, THIS American Lit class is not 1865-present, but TO 1865.  Pilgrims to 1865 - or in other words, when American lit was good!  It actually says we're going to end with poetry (about the Civil War) - Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, EMILY DICKINSON.  You cannot possibly understand my level of UNADULTERATED, BOUNCING-OFF-THE-WALLS SQUEE FACTOR right now.  Not even the phrases "weekly response papers" and "independent work in small groups" can hamper my glee right now.  NO HUCK FINN!  (Of course, no Edith Wharton either, but that's a small sacrifice for all the crap I've undoubtedly avoided)

2a. Squee Factor 2: I also decided to double-check the calendar, and it turns out that even though I move in on Saturday, and all other returning students arrive on Sunday, classes aren't starting until Wednesday, which is awesome.  For the first time ever, instead of having a welcoming assembly on day 1 followed by a shortened class schedule, they're just holding classes off another day.

3. Harry Potter Meme: Another one.  Different from the last.  Admittedly still Quizilla.  Equally fun.  Also snagged from [info]scsquidsnaps
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5. I started packing today!  And by that, I mean I gathered all my school supplies together, sorted out which binders/notebooks full of my personal stuff I'm bringing to school vs. storing at home, did the same for my videotapes, and rounded up most of my fall/winter shirts.

Yeah.  I have a ways to go.