August 29th, 2007


I am writing the HP Fic Recs Post.

Because it's all I've been able to concentrate on all week, because I should have done it a month ago.  I feel all ANTSY and UNFULFILLED for not getting off my chest all these fantastic stories that have been entertaining me for weeks and weeks, and I've just got it into my head that I need to write this post before I do anything else.  And I have to post about it right now because otherwise it'll be to easy to just put it on the back burner again, but if I do that I won't be motivated to do anything else either (i.e. schoolwork). 

And I will get rid of this post after the recs go up, so basically...even if you're not interested in that post, if you see this message anywhere on your friends page, at any point tonight, please leave me a comment (or several) urging me to get back to work.  It'll greatly help me out. 

Voice: An example of a good, motivational comment, of the type that I usually provide, would be "RS, GET YOUR LAZY BUTT OFF WHEREVER YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET AND WRITE DOWN THREE MORE STORY TITLES, OR I'LL HEX YOUR LONG HAIR INTO CINDERS!"  
RS: Slightly less capslock is fine too, incidentally. 
RS: I'm also likely to respond to things like "Oh, I wish I had a good story to read right about now...but there aren't any."
Voice: You know, this thing you're doing right now?  Voice chatting?  Is not fic-reccing.  You're procrastinating.  GIT!
RS: Is that like "get moving," or like the British insult commonly found in Har-
Voice: ALLEZ!