August 30th, 2007


HP Fic Recs. And art recs. And humorous/meta recs. All kinds of reccing mania abounds!

[Note: Oh Lord this took forever, as in the better part of six hours.  I kept tripping over more stories in my bookmarks...and then I decided, I'm on a roll anyway, why don't I add in some EXTRA STUFF...and YEESH.]

Since I only started looking about four months ago, if that, some of this is new and some is old, but this is the stuff I've been carrying around in packets (the binder got unwieldy) for weeks, reading and rereading.  Probably half of these were gotten off other peoples' rec lists, but that's just proof they work. ;) Anyway, half the point of me making this list is so I can clear out my bookmarks and still have access to these stories.  

This rec post is a little different from my usual ones, not just because it's a single fandom, but because when I first started reading, I preferred long, plotty and/or multi-chapter stories over my usual taste for word art.  I didn't feel that style would fit with characters who already existed in prose, and furthermore in stories based on action and dialogue rather than description.  Of course, turns out I was wrong about that, but there are still several longer ones on here.  I'll try to warn you when we get to them.  Also, I refuse to do the little picture-link for LJ authors this time, because they will only get mucked up in formatting after I hit "post" and there's no way I'm fixing that many. 

These are in no particular order...well, actually, I tried to do it chronologically by placement in series, but it's not perfect and probably still looks jumbled, with random pairings here and there.  Oh well.  I am assuming you've all read Deathly Hallows by this point, of course.  There are no spoiler warnings after this, though spoilers (if they can still be called that) abound after...let's say #12. 

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OKAY!  Finished.  And I don't even get to relax and bask in the glow of completion, really, because I've got post content planned for the next three days already.  This place is going to be buzzing all weekend.