August 31st, 2007


COMPLETE: Reading & Movie Lists, 06-07

[And updated with statistics & end-of-year summaries, so you should click the cuts even if you've already seen this post at some point before.]
Since I am always misplacing the physical lists, I thought I'd start maintaining my reading and movies-watched lists here.  I started keeping a chart at the beginning of 9th grade, after reading a biography which made mention of the subject's childhood reading lists.  I thought it would be fun to do the same, so I could look back on the past.

Both fiction and non-fiction count, whether for school or pleasure reading, provided I read all the way through and didn't toss it aside in boredom or only read select chapters, and only books I've never read before count.  Same deal for movies, theater or rental.  Also note that because of the date I started, summers count as the end of the year rather than the beginning of a new one.  I'll switch to calendar years after graduation, starting in 2009, but for now, these run September-August.

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