December 18th, 2007


Ugh. So much to do. SO MUCH. I miss fandom.

In totally un-fandom related news, I cannot believe I am actively seeking a quote about how sexual liberation = female independence and is a good thing.  This is the most perfect opposite of my general belief system I can think of.  And yet: I really, really need one, preferably from a primary source essay, in support for a particular prong in my Scarlet Letter paper.  Anyone have ideas?  (Actually, now I'm good, thanks to eleigh, which proves that friending memes work even when they've expired) 

In case you didn't keep up with yesterday's massively multi-edited entry, you should go finish reading it (Voice: No, no, no, this completely negates my attempt to save you from embarrassment...see if I ever do anything nice for you again), and even after all that craziness I am STILL not done writing the damn paper, and so the saga continues.  Today has gone like this: 

As I very dilligently worked on my paper, listening to respectable music for a change, one of them was a new track I'm testing out on a recommendation - Stars, "Look Up," which I was spurred to download mostly because the recommender said it opened with oboe and English horn.  I'm still debating whether or not I like it - I think I do, if only because the girl's voice is magic - but as I listened, I couldn't shake the feeling that the opening sounded strangely familiar.
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Watch this space for edits, probably.
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